Results Information

When you get your results – what happens next?

We hope that you will be successful in getting the grades you were hoping for. If you have completed all relevant qualifications, you will:

  • Receive a GCSE or BTEC grade in August for each of your subjects;
  • Receive a certificate (issued in December).  Please note that any unclassified grade will not be certificated.

What to do if you’re happy with the results

You do not need to do anything if you are satisfied with your results; any certificates will be sent to the School and can be collected from 10am until 6pm on Thursday 12th December 2019. Please check the website for full information closer to the time.  Certificates that are not collected will be stored, but destroyed after 3 years.

What to do if you’re not happy with the results

If the grades awarded are not what you expected there are a number of options available. Before any post results services can be requested, all pupils must complete the consent form that they have in their results envelope.  This confirms full understanding and acceptance that with any clerical check or review of results, marks may go down as well as up.  It further confirms that St George’s has permission to access a copy of individual candidates' exam scripts on their behalf, if required.

From results day onwards, if you contact the school through the email address - we can give you greater detail about specific scores in a subject and advice on whether we believe a review is likely to be worth undertaking.  Please be aware that there are almost 500 pupils collecting results at this time, and that you may not get an immediate response.

Grade Boundary Information

In some cases, the school may feel that there are grounds to request a review of a result.  If this is the case, we will need permission from the pupil, and the cost will be paid by the school. 

It would be very useful if all pupils could contact the exams Office – with their contact details, as last year it was very difficult to get hold of some pupils to confirm that they would give us permission to request a review. 

If a pupils wishes to request a review and the school does not feel that there are grounds for this, then the cost of the review must be paid for by the pupil, before we can request the review.

  • Pupils are strongly advised to discuss any concerns with the appropriate Directors or Lead Learners of subjects before making a formal request for a review of marking.
  • Grade Boundaries will be published on our website - Click here
  • A webpage explaining Grade Boundaries can be found - Click here
  • It is important to note that very few reviews of marking requests result in a change of grade, with the majority showing the original marking to be accurate.
  • Please note that the costs shown on the sheet in your envelope are per paper, not per subject. For example, Maths was made up of three papers, so to review all three papers it would cost £120.

Post result service Costs, deadlines and consent forms

Please contact the exams office if you have any questions or queries -