Travel and Tourism Revision

EXAM DATES - Summer 2020

Level 2 Unit 1 - 21474

The UK Travel and Tourism Sector

18th May 2020 Afternoon 1 hour and 15 mins

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General Information (Useful Information for Parents)

Students studying level 2 Travel will receive 3 timetabled lessons a week, in Year 10 and 11. Over the course of the 2 years students will study 4 units.


In Year 10 students will complete two coursework units-

Unit 2 on Travel and Tourism Destinations and Unit 5 on Factors affecting the Travel Industry.


In Year 11 students will spend the first two terms revising for their January exam on the UK Travel and Tourism Sector. Students will have the opportunity to re sit this exam in the summer of Year 11.

The final 3 terms will be spent on completing the last coursework unit on the Travel Customer experience.

Level 2 First Award (2018)

Personal Learning Checklist

Level 2 First Award (2018) - 21474

The UK Travel and Tourism Sector

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Level 2 - Unit 1 - 21474

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Unit 1 Revision Guide

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