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KS3 - Subject Information

At KS3 pupils have 2 hours of RE a week and follow the Kent Agreed Syllabus and the Diocese of Canterbury requirements. This ensures that 70% of what is taught is Christianity. Primarily pupils study Christianity through the ‘Understanding Christianity’ course as well as AQA GCSE material in year 9. They will also study a range of different worldviews and religions, including Sikhism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism.

KS4 Subject Information

Course Information

At KS4, all pupils complete a GCSE in Religious Studies, in line with the Kent Agreed Syllabus and Diocese of Canterbury requirements. Pupils have 2 hours a week of timetabled RE lessons.  At St George’s we follow the AQA Specification A course, with a focus on Christianity and Islam as well as the themes of ‘Religion and families’, ‘Religion and life’, ‘Peace and conflict’ and ‘Crime and Punishment’.

Career and Job Opportunities

Religious Studies GCSE can be used to pursue further education, especially A-Levels such as Philosophy, Sociology and other humanities subjects. The subject has clear links to work within the religious or charity sectors but also within a range of other professions such as the Police, Social Work, Counselling, Youth Work and Teaching.

Further information about Religious Studies and careers or further education opportunities can be found at


We are required to ensure all students in Sixth Form receive some religious education, which is delivered in the form of enrichment mornings, afternoons or days, with a focus on a religious or ethical issue.


Mr C Knight Director of Christian Ethos
Mrs S Potts Lead Learner
Miss C Noble Teacher
Mrs D Jackson Teacher
Mrs E Gillies Teacher


KS3 and KS4 Homework

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