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The Hospitality sector continues to offer extensive employment opportunities through a number of different pathways. This qualification in Hospitality has been designed to give students the opportunity to gain specific knowledge and understanding within the hospitality industry, and will help sharpen their skills for further study or employment.

KS3 Subject Information


Year 10 and 11 Subject Information

All units are delivered with a view to enhance your skills in hospitality in terms of application, analysis and evaluation.  You will complete four units, which relate to the hospitality sector.  The content of this course is mainly theory and written work. Practical work is limited, but it is included within unit 6.  Details of the units to be study are:

Unit 1 Introducing the Hospitality Industry (core unit)

This is a written exam, marked externally by the exam board Pearson. You must gain a minimum of a Level 1 Pass in the exam.

  1. Understanding the structure and service provision in the hospitality industry
  2. Understand hospitality operations
  3. Understand current issues and trends impact on businesses within the hospitality industry

Unit 2 Working in the Hospitality Industry (core unit)

A series of assignments set and marked internally by the teacher.

  1. Understanding  effective working skills in the hospitality industry
  2. Use working skills in a hospitality situation

Unit 3 Food Safety and Health and Safety in Hospitality (Mandatory unit)

A series of assignments set and marked internally by the teacher.

  1. Understand food safety when dealing with food in the hospitality industry
  2. Understand safety legislation and regulations that control safe working practices in the hospitality industry

Unit 6 Planning, Preparing, Cooking and Finishing Food (optional specialist unit) A series of assignments set and marked internally by the teacher. This unit also include a practical element

  1. Understand how to plan a nutritious meal
  2. Be able to prepare food in a hygienic manner
  3. Be able to cook and finish food in a safe and hygienic manner 

Job Opportunities 

  • Chef
  • Waiting
  • Wedding planning services
  • Hotel receptionist
  • Overseas work
  • Cruise ship employment