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Mathematics is the application of a limited number of methods to a never-ending number of problems. It can be used to solve many practical problems in a variety of areas, such as architecture, business, engineering and science.

Maths is taught across all Key Stages and is taught in ability groups from year 7 to year 11. Students will have 4 hours of Maths lessons each week and will have the opportunity to explore everyday scenarios through fun ways of mathematical thinking.

Our Maths programme of study prepares students for the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics (1MA1 specification) exams. The qualification will be graded and certificated on a nine-grade scale from 9 to 1, where 9 is the highest grade, using your total mark across all three papers.

The assessments will cover the following content headings:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry and measures
  • Probability
  • Statistics

The Maths GCSE syllabus has two tiers, Foundation and Higher. The Foundation level allows students to achieve grades between 1 and 5 and the Higher tier allows students to achieve grades between 3 and 9.

For the Maths GCSE there are three final examination papers, two of which are calculator papers and one is a non-calculator paper. Each paper is 1 hour 30 minutes long.

The content outlined for each tier will be assessed across all three papers. Each paper has a range of question types; some questions will be set in both mathematical and non-mathematical contexts. Students receive one homework task per week targeted to improve previous assessment scores.

Quantitative skills gained from this GCSE subject are highly valued, and will prepare students for further study and/or employment in a wide variety of occupations in the public and private sectors.


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