Year 11 and 13 Interview Skills

EtonX’s Future Skills Programme is a suite of courses each of which provides 7-10 hours of self-study content. Each course is fronted by a different Eton teacher, but the skills learned are generic and useful for all students preparing for higher education or the workplace.


We have been lucky enough to get places for all of our Year 11s on a Resilience course and all of our Year 13s on an Interviews Skills course.


How to sign up to your EtonX course:

  1. Visit the EtonX website and click Sign up.
  1. Choose Sign up with Access Code
  1. Enter your Access Code.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions. Please sign up with your school email address.
  3. Congratulations! You can now get started on your course.


Access Code for Year 11s: E7K4OJQA


Access Code for Year 13s: ETWN55P8