Letter from Mr Mirams 9th Nov 2020

Dear Parents
I am writing to provide some clarity in regard to the ongoing situation with Covid 19 given the pressures that are already being felt across our community at present.  We are aware that there are many who are feeling particularly anxious over reports of a growing infection rate locally and the introduction of a new lockdown nationally.  We are continuing to work hard at both schools to ensure the safety of all our pupils and staff and we are liaising with Public Health England and the DFE helplines seven days a week at present to ensure that we take appropriate action where required.
It is likely that in the coming weeks we will see an increasing number of pupils and staff self isolating if recent trends continue and I would like to remind all of you of what we have in place at the school for learning if this is the case:

  • At Primary all children can access Purple Mash and work will be tailored for their individual needs.
  • At Secondary the vast majority of lessons can be accessed via Microsoft Teams and this is already successfully taking place.

I would also ask that you continue to inform us of absence, Covid testing and isolation through our two main admin emails that are shown below, via the Messages section of the MyEd App through the Absence Hotline or by telephone to the attendance line 01843 609030:

We have at present a very small numbers of infections in our community but are acting quickly with Public Health England to isolate pupils where necessary.  We foresee this increasing in the coming weeks at both schools.  Please be aware that all schools are set up differently and all are acting in line with advice so please avoid comparing the actions of individual institutions and ourselves.  We are simply following advice based on our circumstances.
These are particularly difficult times for all concerned and we will continue to contact you on a regular basis to keep you informed of the ongoing situation and any changes that may need to occur.  Our aim is to keep as many children in school as we can but unfortunately this is not always possible due to positive test results and isolation across our school.  I think it is timely to remind all of our community that if we were to lose large numbers of staff due to self isolation this can have a large impact on what we can provide teaching wise on a daily basis.  We are working tirelessly seven days a week at present to keep on top of the ever changing situation and to ensure that we keep everyone who is able in school.
As I have said on numerous occasions before no one can predict further than one day ahead and such unprecedented times are very challenging for all of us.  The school staff are totally committed to the children but are facing constant changes and are putting themselves at the front line daily.  We are attempting to sail through some very turbulent waters with numerous barriers in our path which we cannot control.  Our community and the way we work has changed out of all recognition in the last few months and all of us are trying to come to terms with this. 
We must continue to pray for our community as a whole, work together for the benefit of our children and accept that everyone is just trying to get through each day.  Your continued patience, support and understanding are appreciated by us all as we take the next few steps into the unknown.  I will continue to make decisions that are in the best interests of the children and staff over the coming weeks.
God Bless You.

Adam Mirams