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"The inspirational headteacher and senior leaders have a compelling vision for an inclusive school with high expectations for every student."

Secondary School Structure

Progress within the school is monitored by Year Teams.  Each year group is divided into four Houses, named after English Cathedral Cities. They are Canterbury, Exeter , Rochester and Salisbury. Colours are shown on school ties.  Within each year group there are 8 Forms of mixed Houses.


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Mr A Mirams
Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum and Provision)  Mrs D Jenkins
Deputy Headteacher (Support) Mrs J Wreford
Assistant Headteacher (SEND and Literacy) Mrs M Burdock     
Assistant Headteacher (Examinations, External Links, More Able) Mr D Morgan
Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Quality Assurance) Mrs J Pout
Assistant Headteacher (Reporting, Data, Student Groups) Mr L Waddon
Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour) Mrs L Welsh


Heads of Year - as of September 2016

Year 7                               Miss C Meacham
Year 8 Mr H Matthews
Year 9 Mrs L Wright
Year 10 Miss L Tanti
Year 11 Mrs R Wratten
Year 12       Mr R Norman
Year 13                       Miss D Hyde


Year Support - September 2016

Year 7                               Mrs L Phillips
Year 8 Mrs E Kirkland
Year 9 Mrs M Bell
Year 10 Mrs S Grieve
Year 11 Mrs S Rowden
Year 12/13 Mrs Buckingham

Heads of Year will be responsible for the learning and emotional well being of all students in their Year Group.

Each student is allocated a House Learning Community on entry at Year 7, following considerations in regard to siblings and parental requests. Tutor Groups and Tutors are responsible for students' individual care and guidance while at the school.


Directors of Learning - April 2017

English Mrs Jenkins
Mathematics Mrs Ballen
Science Mrs Miller
Foundation Studies   Mrs D Brooks
Creative Studies Mr P Barrett
Vocational Studies Mrs S Kirby
Christian Ethos Mr C Knight
Teaching and Learning     Mrs J Pennington
Support Mrs M Burdock


PGCE/Careers Mentor Mrs V Sadler                      

Subject Lead Learners - September 2016

Art                                           Miss Deed
Business Mr Cartland
Citizenship Mr Knight
Computing Miss Denton
Drama Mr Barrett
Engineering Mr Cronje
English Mrs Davies
Food Mr Barrett
Geography Mrs Brooks
Health & Social Care Mrs Tye
History Ms O'Sullivan
Law Mrs Kirby
Maths Mrs Ballen
Modern Foreign Languages Mr Prentice
Music Mrs Lawrie
PE/Sport Mr Wood
Public Services Mrs Kirby
RE Mr Knight
Sport Science Mr Wood


Director of Support

SEN Co-ordinator                         Mrs Burdock



Senior Teaching Assistant Mrs J Hurley
Lead Learner for Support Mrs M Clayson
Senior Welfare Assistant/Teaching Assistant Mrs K Bonny
Teaching Assistants Ms J Cook
  Mrs S Marshall                      
  Mrs J Hollands
  Mrs D Jordan
  Mrs R Elsley
  Mrs J Cooke
  Mrs D Smoker
  Ms E Taylor
  Mrs J Louca
  Mrs S Waugh
  Mrs G O'Neill
  Mrs H McGill
  Mrs T Pegg
  Miss A Belsey
  Ms H Berry


Support Staff

Director of Innovation/Projects                                      Mrs S Balcombe              
Director of Administration and Personnel Mrs R Goldwin
Administrator/Personnel Miss T Berry (Mrs E Cowin)
Administrator Mrs S Burles
Receptionist Miss H Cates
Capita IT Technicians Mr B Taylor
  Mr J Whitney
  Mr K Pattison
Director of Finance Mr D Hall
Finance Assistant Mrs L Perrott
Finance Officer Mrs S Greenstreet
Finance Apprentice Mr K Fields
Data and Reporting

Miss J Pardo

Examinations Officer/SLG Administrator Mrs S Lewis  
Lettings and Site Supervisor Mr L Hykaj
Premises Team Mr A Bainbridge
  Mr J Hooper
  Mr B Whybrow
Groundsman Mr L Savage
Lab Technicians

Mrs V Farrow

Mr E McDaid

Catering Supervisor (Strategic) Mrs B Welch
Senior Catering Technician Mrs L Rake
Catering Technicians Mrs C Smith
  Mrs M Eastwell
  Mrs D Hazelton
  Mrs P George
  Mrs J Jarrett
  Mrs L Reece
Christian Ethos Co-Ordinator Mrs M Paddison
School Nurse Mrs Carol Salter
Family Support Manager Mr P Humphries
Attendance Officer Mrs L Fisher
Attendance Welfare Officer Mrs J Horn
Behaviour and Safeguarding Support Mrs R Wratten
Cover Supervisor

Ms C Emes

Mr S Bean

CIC Co-Ordinator Mr T Perks

Mr R Garnier

Mr G Hingley