About Us

Vision and Values




At St George's Church of England Foundation School, we pride ourselves on providing an innovative and challenging secondary school educational learning community that is totally dedicated to seeking and developing the potential of every young person.

Our ethos is based on strong Christian and family values, placing St George's C of E Foundation School at the heart of our community.  All members of the learning community, together with our stakeholders, work collaboratively to deliver success for all our students.

We are a learning community committed to excellence.

Our Christian Values

As a school we firmly believe in promoting British Values. Much of this is through our Christian Values where we teach the importance of:

The rule of law
Individual liberty
Mutual respect
Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Students should leave St George's C of E Foundation School prepared for, and with an appreciation of life in modern Britain.  It is our duty as an educational establishment to not only support students in gaining the skills they require to achieve in their examinations, but also to develop them into well-rounded individuals who have the skills and adaptability to continue with further study and then into the world of work. We believe that it is our duty to help students to develop their own moral judgements, based on exposure to different viewpoints, religions and cultures.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development is supported through our RSE, PHSE and Citizenship programmes which run through all year groups.  Enrichment activities enhance the curriculum further. Each Year Group also have their own Charities, chosen by pupils in that cohort. These are shown on the individual Year Pages, under Curriculum.