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2014 - 2015

New information regarding the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) 2014-2015

The way the money is granted to the school for LAC or CiC students has changed. Schools no longer receive the PPG in the April budget, the money is now sent to the Virtual School who will control the spending. St George’s C of E Foundation School will then apply for the funding when support is needed for the individual LAC/CiC student.

Post-LAC: If your child has been adopted from care please let us know as we are now able to apply for funding for the government on your behalf. This extra funding will be used for interventions based on the student’s individual needs, to assist both progress and attainment.  Please contact the school if you would like to discuss this with us.

Interim Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) 2014-2015

FSM £353,430
LAC/CiC £7,110
Service Children £2,100
TOTAL £362,640

This funding is subject to change after the January School Census, and money received from the Virtual School.

In our pursuit of excellence we spend this allocation on various intervention programmes and also facilitate student’s participation in educational visits. This is to enable the closing of the gap between the progression and attainment of Pupil Premium Students and Non Pupil Premium students.


The Intervention Provided

The Sutton Trust toolkit has formed the basis of much expert analysis in this subject field and assesses over 20 different approaches to improving learning in schools, estimating the extra progress over the course of a school year that an ‘average’ student might expect if this strategy was adopted. It identifies the strength of the existing research evidence and makes an estimate of the costs of adopting the approaches.

The top approaches set out by the toolkit are listed below as well as an explanation of how we at St George’s C of E Foundation School have used the PPG to facilitate these interventions.

Approach What we do
Pupil Feedback Personal Improvement Time stickers

Termly Academic Overviews
Peer Tutoring Peer Ambassadors that help within Maths and English lessons.

Peer Ambassadors that take students for reading in the mornings and during selected lessons.
Early Years Intervention “Catch up” in years 7 and 8 to get students to level 4 as a minimum.

This occurs during both lessons and after school.
One to One Specific intervention allocated to students based on Academic Progress linked to target grades. This also includes Saturday School.
Homework After school Homework Club
ICT All Pupil Premium Students have access to interactive whiteboards, PC’s, laptops and Ipads to support learning within lessons.
Phonics Teaching Specific students selected and support by small group intervention with specialist teaching.

Employment of specialist teacher of Dyslexia

Bespoke intervention is offered to every Pupil Premium Student and this is selected for the individual student’s needs, whether this is academic support, or emotional support outside the classroom. We are driven to ensure that every student has the best chance of reaching for their dreams and the PPG is used accordingly to support students where they need it most.


The Impact of Pupil Premium Spending in 2013-2014

The school initially received the following funding for pupil premium, total of £381,900

FSM £371,700
LAC/CiC £9,000
Service Children £1,200

   As a result of Census analysis, October 2013, the school’s Pupil Premium budget was reduced to £354,300:

FSM £343,800
LAC/CiC £9,000
Service Children £1,500

The school spent this allocation in the following way:

Teaching costs for Children in Care £1,740
Teaching staff pupil premium £84,490
Support Staff pupil premium £19,890
Saturday School teaching staff £34,086
One to One Pupil Premium intervention £5,062
Resources £11,956
Instructors £14,136
Counselling £24,507
Youth Empowerment £7,200
Vocational Programmes £5,668
Alternative Curriculum (external) £82,812
Small Group Intervention £62,753
TOTAL £354,300


Impact at Key Stage 3
Key Stage 3 at St Georges C of E foundation school is for two years, years 7 and 8. Academic intervention is focused on improving numeracy and literacy. The following impact was evident through spending in 2013-2014.

Hodder Results/Reading Age Progress 2013/2014

A cohort of year 7 students made a total of 580 months progress, at an average of 10 months per student.

A cohort of year 8 students made a total of 802 months progress, at an average of 17 months per student.

10 year 7 students achieved their target age of 10 years.

Accelerated Reader Results 2013/2014 (comprehension progress)

A cohort of year 7 students made a total of 304 months progress at an average of 8 months per student.

A cohort of year 8 students mad a total of 288 months progress at an average of 6 months per student.

15 year 8 students achieved their target age of 10 years.


Impact at KS4 ‘Narrowing of the Gap’

Within School Gap PP Vs Non PP
2014 2013 Improvement
% 5 A* - C inc EM -16 -23 +7
% Expected progress English -10 -17 +7
% Good progress English -4 -13 +9
% Expected progress Maths -15 -21 +6
% Good progress Maths 2 2 0

The performance of our Pupil Premium students has improved when compared to their peers, showing that St George’s C of E Foundation School is fully committed to the ‘narrowing of the gap’.

All performance measures have been improved, showing a narrowing of the gap in all areas. Please note that our Pupil Premium students have outperformed their peer regarding good levels of progress in Maths for the last two consecutive years.