Years 7 to 13

Sixth Form Destinations

Destinations of Sixth Form 2015

ACHNER, Robbie CCCU – Sociology with Applied Criminology
ALLISTON, Stephanie CCCU – Accounting and Finance
ANDREWS, Katie Gap Year
BAILEY, Taeya Anglian Ruskin University - Law
BARNES, Billy CCCU – Educational Studies
BATCHELOR, Lauryn Employment - Dreamland
BEGUM, Rukshana CCCU – Accounting and Business Studies
BOX, Henry University of Kent – Forensic Science with a Foundation Year
BROOKS, Jack CCCU – Sport and Exercise Science
BROTHERHOOD, Daniel Employment
BUCKETT, Luke University of Southampton - Psychology
BUNCE, Stevie CCCU –Primary Education (Upper Primary)
BURLES, Daisy University of Kent – Fashion and Textiles
BUTTERFIELD, Lynn University of Kent- Sociology and Politics
CHAMBERS, Ashley CCCU - Computing
CHURCH, Samuel EKC – Motor Vehicle Mechanics
CLINCH, Lewis CCCU – Graphic Design
COSSONS, George Pfizers, with a degree at Manchester University
DAVIES, Jack University of Surrey – Business Economics
DAVY, Stephanie Employment
DEMBOWSKI, Aleksander Employment
DOUGHTY, Elizabeth Employment
DRANSFIELD, Ryan CCCU – Forensic Investigation
DRSKOVA, Marcela Anglian Ruskin University – Fashion Design
EDWARDS, Abigail CCCU – Accountancy
EVERARD, Jack CCCU- Sport and Exercise Science
FERGUSON, Emma Brighton – Applied  Psychology and Criminology
FLYNN, Sean University of Surrey – Business Management
HAFFENDEN, Liam Yr 14 – Level 3 Diploma in Sport
HAMMOND, Rosie Yr 14 – Level 3 Subsidiary Award in Applied Science
HIBBERD, James Rohampton – Accountancy
HORLOCK, Lewis CCCU – Graphic Design
HOWARD, Leah Employment
HUCKSTEP, Kurt CCCU – American Studies with a semester in North America
JAMES, Samantha CCCU – Early Childhood studies
KACZMAREK, Jakub Apprenticeship – Southern Gas Network
KAMALY, Mamunur CCCU - Business Studies with Accountancy
KATELIA, Vivek Kingston - Business Studies
KEELER, Connor Employment
LAMING, Chloe Employment
LANE, Adam Policing
LUCK, Adam University of Kent - Computer Systems Engineering including a Foundation Year
MANNING, Billy CCCU - Policing
MCCLELLAN, Donna Employment
MCPHERSON, Megan Employment
MCTIGUE, Mia University of Portsmouth - Creative and Media Writing
MILLER, Drew College- LSA Course
MUNDAY, Ben Apprenticeship - Brown and Mason
NASH, Caleb University of Buckinghamshire - Law
PINDAR, Charlie University of Kent - Religious Studies
PRESTON, Jack CCCU - Forensic Science
PRICE, Holly CCCU - Sociology
PULLMAN, Adam Canterbury College- Level 3 Music Performance
PURSER, Rebecka Moved to Lowestoft - Working with Dad
QUINDOYOS, Jhanielle Yr 14 - Level 3 Travel, A/S Sociology
RAHMAN, Oliur Employment - Working for Dad
RIGDEN, Edward EKC - Plumbing
RIMAI, Shane ELOND - Sports Therapy
ROSER-SKELTON, David University of Kent - Computing with a year in Industry
ROWLAND, George Navy
SANDUM, Danielle CCCU - Sociology
SAUNDERS, Emma Employment
SMITH, Lauren Apprenticeship - Teaching Assistant
SULLIVAN, Macauley CCCU - Nursing
TILEY, Bethanie Employment - Housing Assistant Orbit
VESTY, Travis Gap Year
WASLEY, Laura University of Portsmouth - Sociology
WEST, Rebecca EKC - Level 3 Childcare