Years 7 to 13

Course Information for Year 10

The courses followed in Year 10 include the following content :



Year 10

English Literature is designed to inspire, challenge and motivate every student, no matter what their level of ability.

Paper one is an untiered, closed book exam which uses extract-based questions in the assessment of the 19th-century novel ‘A Christmas Carol’ Charles Dickens and the Shakespeare play ‘Macbeth’.


Paper 2 is based around a modern text, ‘An Inspector Calls’ J. B. Priestly, Poetry from a selection AQA 2017 Love and Relationships cluster and an unseen poetry section. The curriculum takes a skills-based approach to the study of English literature that is consistent across the genres.

It offers excellent preparation for AS and A-level English Literature, as well as giving students a grounding in a wide variety of literature that will stay with them for life.



Edexcel : Key Biological Concepts, Cells and Control, Genetics, Natural Selection and Genetic Modification, Health, Disease and the development of medicine


Edexcel : States of Matter, Methods of separating and purifying substances, Atomic Structure, Periodic Table, Ionic Binding, Covalent Bonding, Types of Substance, Acids, Calculations involving mass, Electrolytic Substances


Edexcel : Motion, Forces and Motion, Conservation of energy, Waves, Light and the electromagnetic spectrum, Radioactivity, Forces doing work, Forces and their effects


AQA GCSE History

Germany 1890-1945, Conflict and tension between East and West, 1945-1972


Natural Hazards, Tropical storms, Fluvial processes, Coastal zones, Eco systems, Hot deserts, Field work 1


Identity and Culture, Local, national, international and global areas of interest


Factors impacting on business, Trends in the business world, Reasons behind successful businesses, Business planning, Finance, Revenue, profit and loss, Costs, Cash flow forecasting, Budgeting, Profit and Loss accounts, Balance sheets


GCSE 9_1 – Relational databases and SQL, Further Algorithms and Python Programming, GCSE 9_1 – Controlled Assignment (1)


AQA GCSE Specification A – Full Course

Islam – Beliefs, Christianity – Practices, Islam – Practices, Christianity – Beliefs, Relationships and Families


AQA Citizenship Studies GCSE – Full Course

Media, Rights and Responsibilities, UK and international organisations, Censorship, Law and legal systems in the UK, NGOs, Active Citizenship Project


BTEC Level 2 courses are available for students to choose as an option at the end of year 9. The BTEC Level 2 introduces students to project brief`s similar to those that would be used within a design environment. Projects are based upon a specific theme and specialism. In response to the project brief students are asked to create a portfolio of personal work and this culminates in a final piece.

Projects can include `The Powell Cotton Museum`, `St Peter`s Place` and `Mexican Day of the Dead`.


During the Textiles GCSE students develop a portfolio of work consisting of several projects. Students familiarise themselves with the Textile design process; researching project themes, learning a wide range of textiles techniques and creating final outcomes that cover art, interiors, fashion and accessories specialisms.

Projects that are usually included are; Recycling, Natural forms, Organic forms, coastline and Cultures. 


Unit 1 Music industry, Unit 2 Managing a music product, Unit 4 Introducing music composition, Unit 5 Introducing music performance


BTEC Level 2 courses are available for students to choose as an option at the end of year 9. The BTEC Level 2 Engineering introduces students to the world of Engineering. The course consists of :

Unit 1 Engineering World, Unit 2 Investigating an Engineered Product, Unit 3 Health & Safety in Engineering and Unit 5 Engineering Materials.