Years 7 to 13

Homework - Year 11

In response to parental feedback the content , range and timings of mandatory homework from September 2016 have been reviewed. Learning in every subject can be significantly enhanced by undertaking work out of school. To support students a Homework club runs daily from 2.30-3.30 pm .


Any student who fails to submit two homeworks per term in a subject will be issued a detention which will run from 2.30 – 3.30pm. A letter will be sent home with the student informing parents of the subject and date.


Homework is compulsory and is set according to the termly timetables below

Homework Timetable for 2017/2018

New Homework Timetable

ENGLISH homework  In term 1, students will be given sample question 1s to complete. ENGLISH TERM 2  ENGLISH TERM 3

Geography Term 2 homework

Students to read fiction books of their choice [at least 2 hours a week - reading list below].  Each week in class they are expected to write a log of what has been read and a paragraph based on the following themes:

Week 1: Characters
Week 2: Setting
Week 3: Theme/Plot/subplots
Week 4: Structure
Week 5: Language – quotations/embed
Week 6: Book Review
Week 7: Teacher choice of the above depending on weakness of class.

Reading List

RE Homework Book