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Attendance and attainment are strongly linked; students who leave school with good GCSEs and 6th Form Qualifications go on to earn more over their working life than those who do not. Of course money isn’t everything, but having the potential to earn a good wage is the best gift you can give yourself. However, you need to have an excellent attendance record in order to give your education your best shot.

So why do we teachers keep going on about it? Last year alone in the UK:

• 7.7 million school days were lost due to absence

• 10% of persistent absentees achieved 5 A*-C grades compared with 38% of occasional absentees and 58% of good attenders

• 21% of persistent absentees had no qualifications as opposed to 3% of good attenders



To report an absence due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, please contact the school's absence line on 01843 609030 on each day of the absence.  Alternatively, you can email Lynn Fisher, our Attendance Officer at each day.  Please include details of your child's name, form and the reason for absence in your message.

If you need to contact Mrs Horn, our Attendance Welfare Officer regarding absence issues then please email her at