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Primary Phase 11th April 2016

11th April 2016

Huge progress has been made with our school building while we have all enjoyed the Easter break. The construction of the ground floor is complete and the upper floor has a base and external walls – the internal walls will be fitted this week. Everything is running according to plan and aspects of the outdoor landscaping are currently ahead of schedule. Some of the photos show the school hall – this runs through the whole width of the school and is now glazed at one end. It is a huge space which will be used for many learning purposes and also has a large kitchen area attached in order to provide cooked lunches for all students every day. The photo of the room is one of the Reception classrooms – the room is much bigger than it looks in the picture but this gives an idea of the outlook the children will have as the entire opening to the outdoors will be glazed. We will be visiting the site again this week and will update with more photos very soon.
Mrs J Jarvis – Senior Assistant Principal – Primary Lead