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29th June 2016

News from the building site… 28.06.2016

There has continued to be lots of progress over the last few weeks both inside and outside our new building. The perimeter fence has been erected, as have the fences to the multi-use games areas – this has really helped to highlight the space we have. Our outdoor landscaping has been a very important element for us so it was a cause of great excitement when the first glimpse of our amphitheatre rose out of the ground! It still needs a little more work and turf but it is looking great. The scaffolding has been removed from the kitchen end of the building and the rest of it will come down over the next week or so – the exterior looks very different now the brickwork goes right to the top.

Inside, the main work taking place has been the laying of the floors and the installation of the underfloor heating. There has also been lots of plumbing work, putting all the pipes into the classroom areas for sinks and into all of the toilet areas – the red panels in the photo show how the toilets currently look but cover up all the plumbing work that has gone on behind them. The whole building has been given a first coat of paint, including the red walls in each classroom where the sink areas will be. As always, our building team are working strictly to their plan and everything remains on schedule for completion.


Mrs J Jarvis – Senior Assistant Principal – Primary Lead