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Rome Visit

06th August 2015

The visit provided students with a range of experiences to develop their cultural, social and spiritual education but also to develop knowledge of key historical and religious sites.

The students visited the ancient and modern areas of the city, covering the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Campidoglio and city centre on the first full day. The Vatican was the focus of the second full day, touring the museums and iconic St Peter’s Basilica. Students also had time to visit the many shops and pizzerias before exploring the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and Pantheon. For many students this was their first experience abroad and they all benefitted from the experiences provided in this visit.

Some of the responses from students include:

‘I learned about the rich history of Rome. The awe inspiring St Peter’s Basilica was a good site to visit…I gained a lot out of the trip, many experiences and made new friends’ – Year 12 student – H Leer

‘As a whole I would describe Rome as the most delightful experience that managed to educate and delight me’ – Year 12 student – C Martin

‘With 7km to walk each day and new sights it was guaranteed that we would never get bored. I would recommend this trip to anyone looking for a proper Rome experience’ – Year 12 student – T Casey

‘I can only describe my experience to be unbelievably amazing’ – Year 12 student – J Alexandrou

‘We visited such historical sites as the Vatican to which I learned a great deal about the way in which Catholicism pays a huge part in the culture of Italy. I have found and learnt a great deal from this trip and the experience has enhanced and broadened my knowledge in Sociology’ – Year 13 student – R Achner

‘This trip was the best trip that I have been on at this school’ – Year 13 student and Head of School – C Nash