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Students support NSPCC by running up the Gherkin in London

25th September 2015

This challenge was to raise money for the NSPCC to support their work protecting young children and young people across the UK.  Both boys were grateful for this fantastic opportunity to experience the Gherkin’s ‘giddy heights’ and there was a competitive atmosphere amongst the participants.

The best time of the day was 4minutes 23 seconds, achieved by a professional stair runner (yes there is such a sport!) and out of the 660 people that actually completed the run, Oliver Davies came 50th in 7mins 9 seconds.  Will came 60th in 7mins 26 seconds and Ben (the youngest of the family) came 71st in 7mins 37 seconds.  The slowest time of the day was just over 30minutes.

Pictured are Oliver (competitor 651) Ben (competitor 652) and their father, Will second from the left, behind Ben.  Mr Davies stated “Great experience though we had the devil on our side (Mr William Opie 666)”.

Fine food producer and distributor Bennett Opie Ltd are pleased to be a main sponsor for The NSPCC Gherkin Challenge. One of Opies’ long-standing and most popular lines are Cocktail Gherkins; last year Opies sold over 1.1million jars of gherkins, which if stacked on top of each other, would be 660 times higher than the Gherkin building which is 180 metres high. Given the association with the location of the event it is therefore fitting that we support ‘The Gherkin Challenge’. Along with the main sponsorship, we hope as a company to raise additional funds through our own team of runners.

We are proud to support the NSPCC and help to raise money to support their work protecting young children and young people across the UK.