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This page contains useful information primarily for Years 10 and 11, including Revision Guides, timetables and other information. Mrs Lewis is the Exam Officer and Mr Morgan deals with Examinations. If you need help, eg your personal exam timetable, then please speak to them.  This year year 11 will be sitting all their GCSEs, including English Language, maths and the 3 sciences.  Year 10 are sitting English Literature and the two sciences that they are studying this year. They will sit their final separate science in Year 11.

The main Examination Boards used for different subjects in this School are Edexcel (Pearson), WJEC, OCR and AQA. Students study a variety of different qualifications at various levels, depending on their ability and age. These may include:

GCSE (General Certificate in Secondary Education)
BTEC Certificate or Diploma (Level 2 and 3) - onscreen and written
AS Level
A2 Level


This year GCSE written examinations start in the week of 7th May, with the EBacc subjects starting on Monday 14th May. The last GCSE papers are on Friday 22nd June 2018. Please note that practical subjects have GCSE exams before this window opens.


Full timetables will follow, but for year 10 the draft dates of exams are :

AQA English Literature - Tuesday 22nd May 2018 : Shakepseare and the 19th Century Novel (1 hr 45 mins), and Friday 25th May 2018 : Modern texts and poetry (2 hrs 15 mins). Both are morning exams.

Edexcel Biology - 15th May 2018 (1 hr 45 PM) and 11th June 2018 (1 hr 45 AM)

Edexcel Chemistry - 17th May 2018 (1 hr 45 AM) and 13th June 2018 (1 hr 45 AM)

Edexcel Physics - 23rd May 2018 (1 hr 45 PM) and 15th June 2018 (1 hr 45 AM)


HOW TO REVISE - a guide for parents and students

Revision guides for sale that may be of use : UPDATED October 2nd 2017 : MANY OF THESE GUIDES CAN BE PURCHASED AT A CHEAPER PRICE THROUGH THE SCHOOL. Current List

How to help your child to revise successfully. Powerpoint presentation of ideas.


Useful sites :




Help about Exam Stress and Revision from Radio 1 / 1 Extra


ENGLISH LITERATURE Revision Guides available


Download the PIXL English App for Android or iPhone 

English Language


Revision guides (make sure they are for the new specification and using grades 9-1)


English Literature

School books/notes

Specification, past papers, mark schemes:

                ‘A Christmas Carol’

Online text:

                ‘An Inspector Calls’

Online text:


Online text:

                Poetry anthology ‘Love and Relationships’

All poems are online

Audio tutorials:

Revision guides (make sure they are for the new specification and using grades 9-1)

Also Mr Bruff’s You Tube page



Download the Pixl App for Android or IPhone

School ID: GE1830

User ID: Surname followed by first letter of first name

Password: First name

MATHS REVISION CHECKLIST - the size of the text shows how important the topic is.

MATHS FOUNDATION  PAPER 2 CHECKLIST - the bigger the text, the more important the topic

MATHS HIGHER PAPER 2 CHECKLIST - the bigger the text, the more important the topic

Maths Watch is a set of mathematics resources (videos and worksheets)

You can buy a Disk from the Finance Trolley for £4

Practise Exam Papers

You can buy practise exam papers from finance for 50p each or you can buy 2 packs and get 1 free for £1. These are practise papers provided by the Edexcel the Exam Board.  This is an excellent website with lots of resources that would help revision.

5 questions a day
Practise papers



BBC Bitesize covers topics studied in the new GCSE, though as yet not the whole course

Content of Biology, Chemistry and Physics

CGP Revision Guides and Workbooks. The guides cost £5.95 each and the workbooks £4.95 each in the shops, but they can be purchased through the school at £2.75 each (from 2nd October 2017).

Physics : Edexcel Revision Guide ISBN 978 1 78294 573 4  PAPER 1 CHECKLIST

Physics : Edexcel Workbook ISBN 978 1 78294 497 3

Chemistry : Edexcel Revision Guide 978 1 78294 572 7    Revision for Paper 1  Chemistry Calculations Help  PAPER 1 CHECKLIST

Chemistry : Edexcel Workbook ISBN 978 1 78294 496 6

Biology : Edexcel Revision Guide ISBN 978 1 78294 571 0                    Biology Revision Cards for Mock 1  Mind Maps   PAPER 1 CHECKLIST

Biology : Edexcel Workbook ISBN 978 1 78294 495 9



Geography and History

We recommend BBC Bitesize for both subjects. Additionally, Geography students have all been given a Revision guide to use, a workbook and exam questions.



Past papers for RE (unit 2 and 3 only) are here:

RE - answering questions



When in school, students can access the school intranet :   O:\Students\Computing\Year 11_ Computing\REVISION

A folder has been created on the shared area which includes a wealth of revision resources in preparation for the external exam.


For business, each of the students have been given a text book and revision to use. They have also been working through all of the key terms/theory, and have been given a resource with it all on.


Modern Foreign Languages


This is the audio for the pink Pearson AQA Workbook which all year 11s doing French have been given :

Then click on AQA French Revision workbook.

Spanish – all students have been given a CPG Revision guide which they can revise from. 



Unit 1 Powerpoint



There are no revision guides commercially available for Pearson GCSE Engineering.  There are school revision guides for students made up of past questions. They all have a copy and write notes in the booklet as revision.