Subject Tasks

For those of you planning to join our Sixth Form, please attempt the tasks below for the subjects that you are planning to study. They have been carefully thought out to prepare you for the challenge of Level 3 BTECs. If any of you are still unsure of your final three subjects, or your first choices do not fit into the block that we have sent out, we would advise you to look through as many as possible. Any work you complete should be brought with you on Transition Day on Friday 8th July, to give you the opportunity to impress your teachers, before embarking on these courses.


Subject Link
Mathematical Studies (Core Maths) Click Here
BTEC Applied Law Click Here
BTEC Applied Psychology Click Here
BTEC Applied Science Click Here
BTEC Art and Design - Fine Art 

Click Here

Unit 1 Exam Paper

BTEC Business Click Here
BTEC Engineering

Click Here

Past Papers - 

Unit 1 Exam Paper

Unit 1 Exam Answers

Unit 3 Exam Paper

Formulae and Constants Booklet

BTEC Health and Social Care Click Here
BTEC Sport Click Here
BTEC Travel and Tourism Click Here