Kent Test Information

Letter to parents of Year 5 pupils - January 2020

About the Kent Test

The Kent test involves two papers in multiple choice format, with a separate answer sheet.

The first test will be an English and Maths paper, 1 hour long split into two sections. The first section is English and the second section is Maths. Each section has a 5 minute practice exercise and a 25-minute test.

The English section will involve a comprehension exercise and additional questions to test literacy skills. For example, questions containing a sentence with a word missing or questions asking you to spot the mistake in a sentence.

The Maths test will contain questions covering topics taught up to the start of Year 6. A small number of questions might be a little more difficult.

Second test is a reasoning paper, which has three sections:

  • Verbal reasoning (ability to think using words and symbols).
  • Non-verbal reasoning (the ability to think about the relationship between shapes and patterns).
  • Spatial reasoning (how well you can manipulate shapes and space in your head).

The Verbal reasoning section consists of a 10 minute practice test and 20 minutes test.

The Non-verbal and Spatial reasoning sections are divided into smaller timed subtests taking 4-5 minutes each.

There is then a Writing exercise of 40 minutes, which includes 10 minutes of planning time.  This will only be marked when looking at borderline cases, and Headteacher appeals.