Our Staff


Mr A Mirams B.Sc. (Hons), PGCE, NPQH

Head of School - Primary

Mrs J Wreford  Cert. Ed.

Head of School - Secondary

Mrs D Jenkins B.Sc., GTP

Deputy Headteacher - Primary

Mrs C Curry  B.A.Ed. (Hons), NPQSL

Assistant Headteacher & SENCO - Secondary

Mrs M Burdock B.A.(Hons), PGCE, SEN

Assistant Headteacher

Mr D Morgan B.Sc. (Hons), MA, PGCE

Assistant Headteacher

Mr L Waddon  B.Sc. (Hons), GTP

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs L Welsh  B.A. (Hons), PGCE


Mrs S Mirams


Primary Class Teachers and Class Support

KS1 Lead Miss R Mitchell
KS2 Lead Mr J Duffy
Primary PE specialist and Extended day Mrs L Wright
Class Teacher Support Staff
Westgate Miss R Richardson Miss B Castle and Mrs L Creed
Whitefriars Mrs J Knight Mr J Cook and Miss B Castle
Year 1
Cavalier Mrs R Solly & Mrs R Neal Miss G Murray
Castle  Mr K Adams & Miss R Mitchell Mr V Brett
Year 2
Dickens Miss R Mitchell Mrs S Finch
Ocelot Miss G Bones Mrs T Sampson
Year 3
Stonehenge Mrs C Joy & Mrs C White Mr R Orr-Lang
Magna Carta Miss S Brown Miss D Cousins
Year 4
Constable Miss L Collette & Mrs A Gray Ms J Louca
Avon Miss F Bullard Mr P Monoghan
Year 5
Dartmoor Mr J Duffy Mrs G O'Neill
Year 6
Tor Miss B Sutherland Mrs Amini-Sedeie
Miss R Cox Mrs C Nickolls and Miss S Reeves

English Department - Secondary


Mrs J Davies Director of English / Teacher of English
Miss S Emmins 2ic Impact English / Teacher of English
Mrs S Toner 2ic Intent English / Teacher of English
Mrs J Pennington Teacher of English / Director of Teaching and Learning
Mr R Hancock Teacher of English
Mr R Kirby Teacher of English
Mrs C Giles Teacher of English
Ms C Stone Teacher of English
Mrs J Sales Teacher of English

Maths Department - Secondary


Mrs L Ballen Director of Mathematics / Teacher of Maths
Miss S Johnson 2ic Impact Maths / Teacher of Maths
Mrs R Harrington 2ic Intent Maths / Teacher of Maths
Mr J Dack Teacher of Maths
Miss K Dow Teacher of Maths
Miss L Green Teacher of Maths / Transition and Progression Manager
Mrs D Jenkins Teacher of Maths
Mr M Kulubya Teacher of Maths
Miss D Hyde Teacher of Maths / Director of Sixth Form
Mrs S Leal Teacher of Maths
Mr A Caloudis Teacher of Maths
Mrs V Sadler Teacher of Maths / Director of Student Careers and Personal Development

Science Department - Secondary


Mrs J Miller Director of Science / Teacher of Science
Mrs C Lee 2ic Intent Science / Teacher of Science
Miss K Keane 2ic Impact Science / Teacher of Science
Mrs K Best Teacher of Science / Personal Development Manager
Mrs M Dawson Teacher of Science
Mr R Crouch Teacher of Science
Mr C Gotora Teacher of Science
Mr G Ingoldsby Teacher of Science
Mr J MacGowan Teacher of Science
Miss K Ponsonby Teacher of Science

Foundation Department - Secondary

Foundation Studies

Mrs D Brooks Director of Foundation Studies / Teacher of Geography
Ms SJ O'Sullivan 2ic Impact Foundation / Teacher of History
Mr L Prentice 2ic Intent Foundation / Teacher of MFL
Mr K Dymock Teacher of Geography
Mrs B O'Brien Teacher of Geography
Ms M Dowling Teacher of History and Geography
Mr I Moore Teacher of History
Mrs R Verniuewe Teacher of MFL / AEN Support Manager
Miss S Brett Teacher of MFL
Ms E Bonilla Fernandez Teacher of MFL
Mr N Deacon Teacher of History and Geography
Mr C Knight Teacher of RE / Director of Christian Ethos
Mrs S Potts Teacher of RE
Mrs C Worthington Teacher of RE
Mrs D Jackson Teacher of RE
Mrs L Welsh Teacher of RE

Creative Department - Secondary

Creative Studies

Miss H Goodall Director of Creative Studies / Teacher of Engineering
Mrs P Deed 2ic Impact Creative / Teacher of Art & Design
Mrs J Philbrick 2ic Intent Creative / Teacher of Engineering
Mr R Norman Teacher of Art & Design
Mrs N Wall Teacher of Art & Design
Miss S De Bleik Teacher of Art & Design
Mrs L Welsh Teacher of Drama
Mr H Matthews Teacher of Engineering
Mrs L Howard Teacher of Food/Hospitality and Catering
Miss T Castle Teacher of Music

Vocational Department - Secondary

Vocational Studies

Mrs S Kirby Director of Vocational Studies / Teacher of Travel and Public Services
Mr D Cartland 2ic Intent Vocational / Teacher of Business
Miss J Denton 2ic Impact Vocational / Teacher of Computing
Mrs S Beckett Teacher of Business
Mr K Twyman Teacher of Computing
Mrs T Kennedy Teacher of Health and Social Care
Miss L Green Teacher of Law
Mr J Desmond Teacher of Law, Travel and Public Services
Mr M Wakefield Teacher of Sport / Enhanced Curriculum Manager
Mr G Wood Teacher of Sport
Mr D Morgan Teacher of Travel
Miss L Tanti Teacher of Sport
Mrs S Valentine Teacher of Sport
Mr J Cox Teacher of Sport

Head of Year and Year support

  Head of Year Year Support
Year 7 Mr Matthews Mrs Kirkland
Year 8 Mrs Wratten Mrs Newland
Year 9 Miss Tanti Mrs Grieve
Year 10 Mr Norman Mrs Rowden
Year 11 Mrs Giles Mrs Phillips
Sixth Form Miss Hyde Mrs Buckingham

SEND Department - Secondary

SEND Department

Mrs M Burdock Assistant Headteacher, SEND
Mrs J Hurley Senior Teaching Assistant
Ms K Bonny Teaching Assistant/Senior Welfare Assistant
Mrs D Smoker Teaching Assistant/Welfare Assistant
Mrs R Elsey Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Faraday Teaching Assistant
Ms V Hill Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Hollands Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Jordan Teaching Assistant
Miss A Lovlie Teaching Assistant (CiC)
Mrs S Marshall Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Hutchinson Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Stickels Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Waugh Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Cooke Teaching Assistant and Literacy Support

Support Staff

Support Staff

Mrs R Goldwin Director of Administration and Personnel/PA to Headteacher
Mrs E Cowin Administrator/Personnel / PA to Head of School - Secondary
Mrs S Taft Administrator / Admissions / Behaviour
Miss T Berry Administrator / PA to Head of School - Primary / Clerk to Governors
Mrs A Shaw PA to Deputy Headteacher - Primary
Mrs B Edmonds PA to SEND - Primary
Mrs L Fisher Attendance Officer
Mrs J Horn Attendance Welfare Officer
Mrs B Wratten Behaviour and Safeguarding Support
Mrs S Perry CIC Co-Ordinator
Mrs N Garcia CIC Co-Ordinator
Miss J Pardo Data and Reporting
Mrs S Lewis Examinations Officer/Website
Mr P Humphries Family Support Manager
Mrs E Johnson Family Liaison Officer - Primary
Mrs E Burden Director of Finance
Mrs L Perrott Finance Officer
Mrs J Bussey Finance Clerk
Miss C Jenner Receptionist - Secondary
Mrs S Bishop Receptionist - Primary
Mrs C Salter School Nurse

Mrs V Farrow and Mr E McDaid

Science Technicians 

Site Staff

Mr C Pullen Site Supervisor - Lead
Mr A Bainbridge Site Supervisor
Mr L Hutchinson Site Supervisor
Mr B Whybrow Assistant Caretaker (Primary)
Mr L Hykaj Lettings and Site Supervisor
Mr L Savage Groundsman

Alternative Curriculum Unit

Mr G Hingley Alternative Curriculum Unit Assistant
Miss L Orgill Alternative Curriculum Unit Teacher
Miss J Turner Alternative Curriculum Unit Assistant

Cover Supervisor

Mr S Bean Cover Supervisor
Mr K Twyman Cover Supervisor
Mr D Stevens Cover Supervisor
Mrs L Wright Cover Supervisor (Primary)

Site Housekeeping

Mrs P Baker Mr K Dorsett Mr N Dorsett
Miss C Elson Mrs G Keen Mrs M Lane
Mrs P Mackney Miss S Nicholls Mr P Rake
Mrs C Ralph Miss S Smith Miss A Ward
Mr L Brennan (Primary) Mrs D Whiteing Mr G Hook (Primary)
  Miss C Elson  


Mrs L Rake

Senior Catering Technician
Mrs D Hazelton Senior Catering Technician - Primary Site
Miss C Davies Catering Technician - Secondary Site
Miss B Gaynor Catering Technician - Secondary Site
Miss P George Catering Technician - Secondary Site
Mrs J Jarrett Catering Technician - Secondary Site
Mrs L Reese Catering Technician - Secondary Site
Mrs L Sutton Catering Technician - Secondary Site
Miss N Holmes Catering Technician - Secondary Site
Miss S Reeves Catering Technician - Secondary Site
Mrs C Wilsdon Catering Technician - Primary Site
Mrs Z Balcombe Catering Technician - Primary Site