Sixth Form

St George’s Church of England Foundation School provides a range of opportunities and experiences at Post-16 including a variety of Level 3 qualifications allowing pupils to progress into employment and higher education.  The two year experience of Sixth Form does not only provide pupils with the qualifications and skills needed for the next stage of their higher education or career, it is the intermediate stage between childhood and adulthood. The pastoral support given throughout the Sixth Form experience helps our pupils to enter the next stages of their lives as well-rounded adults.


The Sixth Form offers a range of activities for pupils including our Football Academy, social events and trips. Pupils are encouraged to take part in the school enrichment programme where they support the school or wider community in various ways whilst simultaneously improving their CV. Sixth Form pupils are offered the chance to help younger pupils in the secondary or primary school.


We understand that not all of our pupils will choose to progress to university after their time in Sixth Form but there is a well-structured programme of preparation for higher education for those that decide to progress in this way. Other pupils will be supported in finding full-time employment or apprenticeships. For more details of our Careers and University support, please follow this link:



Year Team

Head of Year Miss Hyde

or by telephone 07736 269148

Year Support Mrs Buckingham

To report an absence, due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, please contact Mrs Buckingham at, or by telephone to 07719 229934.

If you are unable to contact either Miss Hyde or Mrs Buckingham directly, they can also be contacted via the main switchboard.



Dress Code

All pupils must ensure their personal appearance is appropriate to the school setting.

  • Boys should wear dark smart trousers with a shirt and tie.
  • Girls should wear smart dresses or trousers/skirts with a top.
  • Skirts and dresses must be a reasonable length, no shorter than just above the knee.
  • All footwear must be smart in style and dark in colour for both boys and girls.


The following items MUST NOT be worn at any time:

  • No vest tops
  • No denim of any kind or colour
  • No trainers
  • No facial piercings
  • No hoodies
  • No leggings/jeggings


Homework Timetable

In response to parental feedback the content, range and timings of mandatory homework have been reviewed. Learning in every subject can be significantly enhanced by undertaking work outside of school hours.

In Sixth Form, homework tasks can range from written activities, amendments to coursework or revision for exams. Pupils are expected to complete a minimum of three hours of homework per subject each week. Any pupil who fails to submit two homeworks per term in a subject will be issued an afterschool detention. A letter will be sent home with the pupil informing parents of the subject and date

Pupils are expected to complete a minimum of three hours homework per subject each week.

ART/TEXTILES - Will be set weekly on Mondays and will be handed in the following week.

BUSINESS – weekly

SCIENCE – weekly

COMPUTING – weekly

TRAVEL - weekly


HSC - weekly

LAW - weekly



ENGLISH – year 12 set on Monday, year 13 set on Tuesday

Parents Evening - 2019 - 2020

31st October - Sixth Form Opening Evening for Year 11 pupils looking for a sixth form place from September 2020