Sixth Form

St George’s Church of England Foundation School provides a range of opportunities and experiences at Post 16.  The Sixth Form provides a variety of qualifications at all levels allowing pupils to progress into employment and higher education.  The School has values based on high standards of academic excellence, uniform and discipline.

The Sixth Form provides an ongoing and highly structured programme of preparation for higher education so that our pupils are well informed and confident when it comes to choosing and applying to college and university.

For subject information please see individual subject pages.

The Curriculum

The Sixth Form offers both Advanced and Vocational subjects, as well as GCSE re-sits.  Pupil subject choices have been developed to suit all pupil needs and progression routes.  Canterbury Christ Church University and Connexions help to run taster sessions, UCAS help, workshops on employment, apprenticeships, CV writing and advice on gap years.  As a result, the School has been commended for the opportunities that are provided in enriching pupil learning.

Pupil Welfare

The Sixth Form has a sense of community with excellent staff and pupil relationships based on Christian ideals.  Pupils are provided with a tutor to discuss setting individual targets, progress, work issues and all aspects of school life.  Target setting and UCAS evenings take place in Year 13, along with parents’ evenings for Years 12 and 13.

Pupil Activities

The Sixth Form offers a range of activities for pupils, including competitive sports teams, social events and trips.  Sports teams compete county wide and pupils participate in music and drama events. 

The Sixth Form is connected to a range of outside agencies and pupils are encouraged to take part in the school enrichment programme. Sixth Form pupils are offered the chance to help younger pupils in the secondary or primary school.

Pupils are involved in raising large amounts of money for charity each year and have been praised for their community work and helping to raise money for Global Challenge

About Year 12

Head of Year Miss Hyde
Year Support Mrs Buckingham
12.1 Mr Swain
12.2 Mrs Deed
12.3 Mrs Kennedy

The year 12 team strive to support pupils through the transition from KS4 to KS5 ensuring they optimise their chances to fulfil their potential. We want to help pupils progress and develop, both academically and socially.  This is aided by the range of non-academic activities that all Year 12 pupils are expected to participate in. Additionally all pupils will be provided with careers guidance to help prepare them once they have left St. George’s.

About Year 13

Head of Year Miss Hyde
Year Support Mrs Buckingham
13.1 Mr Desmond
13.2 Miss Gillies/Miss Vernieuwe
13.3 Mr MacGowan

In Year 13 our main focus is ensuring that all pupils maximise their potential in their academic and vocational subjects. We track progress, attainment and pupils are expected to attend intervention programmes to help those not yet meeting their target grades. All pupils are encouraged to apply to university and are provided with careers guidance to ensure all pupils have a destination to proceed to once leaving School.

Pupils are expected to complete a minimum of three hours homework per subject each week.

Our pupils are encouraged to participate in a range of non-academic activities, sports and charities and are supported by the Head of School.


If you need to contact your child’s Head of Year Miss Hyde, please email her at, or she can be contacted via the main switchboard.

To report an absence due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances please contact Mrs Buckingham at, or by telephone to 07719229934, alternatively you can contact the school absence line on 01843 609030. Please include details of your child’s name, and reason for absence in your message.




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