Year 7 Home Learning Resources Term 4 = Week 1 and Week 2

A suggested timetable for pupils would be:

  9am 10am 11am Afternoon
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri English Maths Science Other subjects
Wednesday RE History Geography  Other subjects

We would suggest no more than 4 hours a week for English, for Maths and for Science.

Work for different subjects can be found below. For any queries please email and we will do our best to help.


HLR English Year 7 - Creative Writing Chapter

Lessons 1-8. Use the workbook pages above provided and complete as follows.

Week 1

  • Lesson 1: Beginning the story; Pages 6- 8
  • Lesson 2: Beginning the story; Page 9
  • Lesson 3: Choosing words for effect; Pages 10-12
  • Lesson 4: Choosing words for effect; Page 13

Week 2

  • Lesson 1: Varying sentences for effect; Pages 14-17
  • Lesson 2: Structuring paragraphs for effect; Pages 18-19
  • Lesson 3: Structuring paragraphs for effect; Pages 20-21
  • Lesson 4: Creative writing task; Pages 22-23


Whilst there are issues with MathsWatch, Mrs Ballen has put together some alternative Maths work

7ma1-7ma8 Please log in to your MathsWatch account on where your class teacher will have set you four individual tasks to complete each week.

If MathsWatch is not working then please complete the Problem of the Day HERE and follow the lessons from the White Rose Scheme of Learning on the following link.
7ma9 (Mrs Wreford’s class) Please download and complete THIS workbook. Lesson by lesson break down on second page of the workbook.

If you have any issues please email the Director of Maths


Pearson Active Learning

Pupils have their own user name and password and are to log in and complete the set tasks. 1 hours work at a time. They can also use the link below to BBC bite size to help them answer questions.

Activity Sheet - Week 1

BBC Bitesize


Easter Project

RE is 2 hours a week so please ensure you spend sufficient time on this work.


Project 1 - start with this project which would be equivalent of a week of Geography.

Project 2


Project 1 - start with this project which would be equivalent of a week of History

Project 2


Year 7 – Vocabulary Project – Using Term 4 and 5 Vocabulary Sheet
Design a mind-map, flash cards and revision booklet using the French vocabulary you will learn in Year 7 Design a list of key questions and answers e.g. what is your name?, what is your age etc, then practice them with someone at home Use duolingo websites to brush up your French vocabulary

Art and Design

Year 7 Project 

  Instructions Study Time
Task – Art Year 7 – Topic Surrealism

Lesson 1: Research artist Salvador Dali write 20 facts and present these in an artistic neat way

Remember on all work to write your plenary’s WWW & EBI

1 hour
Week 2:  Task – Art Year 7 – Topic Surrealism

Lesson 2: Draw and colour a nightmare/day dream or daydream you have had.

Remember on all work to write your plenary’s WWW & EBI

1 hour



Explain the Rules, Regulations and Scoring systems in 3 sports.

Please choose 1 team sport, 1 individual sport and 1 racket sport.

You need to include the following:-

  • National governing bodies of each
  • How fouls are made and committed.
  • Unwritten rules

Creative Rotation Subjects