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Pupils follow General Science in years 7 and 8, in order to prepare them for GCSE Sciences from year 9 onwards. Please see the bottom of the page for homework information. In year 7 and 8 we rotate topics between classes to ensure that there is sufficient equipment for practical lessons.  

Year 7 & Year 8 Subject Information

Year 7 Topics (9 classes rotating through these topics).

Cells, Forces, Sound, Light, Reproduction, Particles, Elements, Body Systems, Reactions, Acids and Alkalis, Space


Year 8 Topics (9 classes rotating through these topics)

Electricity, Energy, Motion, Health, Ecosystems, Inheritance, Periodic Table, Separation Techniques, Metals, Earth

Year 9 to 11 - Subject Information

Year 9 to Year 11 - GCSE

At GCSE we are following the new Pearson (9-1) course in the 3 separate sciences:

Currently our year 11 will be doing all 3 sciences in 2018. 

Year 10 will be sitting 2 of the 3 sciences in 2018, with the final science being sat in 2019 (as year 11).

Year 9 will be sitting 2 sciences in 2019 (in year 10) and a further science in 2020 (as year 11).

Each subject has 2 papers, each 1 hour 45 in length. There is no coursework in GCSE Science.

Year 9 Content


Key Biological Concepts, Cells and Control, Genetics, Natural Selection and Genetic Modification, Health, Disease and the development of medicine


States of Matter, Methods of separating and purifying substances, Atomic Structure, Periodic Table, Ionic Binding, Covalent Bonding, Types of Substance, Acids, Calculations involving mass, Electrolytic Substances


Motion, Forces and Motion, Conservation of energy, Waves, Light and the electromagnetic spectrum, Radioactivity, Forces doing work, Forces and their effects.

Year 10 & 11 Content


Plant structures and their functions, Animal Coordination, Control and Homeostasis, Exchange and Transport in Animals, Ecosystems and Materials Cycles


Quantitative analysis, Groups of the Periodic Table, Rates of Reaction, Fuels, Earth and Atmospheric Science, Hydrocarbons and Organic Chemistry, Qualitative analysis


Astronomy, Electricity, Static Electricity, Magnetism and Electomagnetism, Particle Model, Forces and Matter

BTEC Level 3

Sixth form course information can be found in the sixth form courses page.


For Year 7 and 8 revision and homework is set on

Pupils will then be prompted for username, password and institution code. The individual usernames for each pupil are available from the science staff. The password is set as Password1 until it is changed by the pupil. The institution code is Bi7


GCSE homework is set online at   Pupils are provided with a user name and password by their class teacher.




  • Mrs J Miller (Director of Science)
  • Mrs K Best (Lead Learner of Biology)
  • Mrs C Lee (Lead Learner of Chemistry)
  • Mr B Morris (Lead Learner of Physics)