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Science (KS3)

Pupils follow General Science in years 7 and 8, in order to prepare them for GCSE Sciences from year 9 onwards. Please see the bottom of the page for homework information. In year 7 and 8 we rotate topics between classes to ensure that there is sufficient equipment for practical lessons.

Subject Information


“A broad, stimulating and enjoyable curriculum, that engages, motivates and challenges all pupils, giving them the knowledge, skills and understanding to grow as individuals, preparing them for the next stage in their lives”

In Science, we incorporate the curriculum vision by:


  • Teaching a range of topics across the sciences that stretch students’ knowledge, understanding and skills.
  • Topics such as fundamentals of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and investigative skills.


  • Encouraging interest and enthusiasm through inquisitive and investigative learning that allows students to take ownership of their own discoveries and draw valid conclusions.


  • In Science, a range of learning techniques are implemented to make the subject enjoyable and accessible for all students, e.g. research based inquiry, experimental and practical work as well as field studies.


  • Developing an understanding and awareness of how real life situations and current affairs are linked to an understanding and appreciation for science such as health and disease, climate change and global warming, intensive cattle farming and technological advances.


  • Making links between the different topics in Science and the potential careers that can stem from an interest in those topic.
  • Learning about future pathways after GCSE or Applied Science and the wide range of careers that a qualification in science can offer.


  • Strengthening students’ examination skills by practising a wide range of revision skills and strategies throughout the course.  

Course Content

Year 7 Topics (9 classes rotating through these topics).

Cells, Forces, Sound, Light, Reproduction, Particles, Elements, Body Systems, Reactions, Acids and Alkalis, Space


Year 8 Topics (9 classes rotating through these topics)

Electricity, Energy, Motion, Health, Ecosystems, Inheritance, Periodic Table, Separation Techniques, Metals, Earth



Pupils in years 7 to 11 will have a worksheet given to them by the teacher or work set online.

GCSE homework is set online at   Pupils are provided with a user name and password by their class teacher.


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