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Students use presentation software as a virtual text book which is called a blog. This develops ICT skills and allows students to create a lesson by lesson account of progress in a digital environment. Year 7 students study coding using the Scratch environment which is both fun and educational, they explore how computers work and the need for networking to share resources. Year 8 and 9 curriculum builds on this foundation to allow progression and growth in knowledge. 

Testimonials from KS3 students –

I like learning how to use different programs.” Isabella, Year 7

“I like seeing how a computer works.” Anon Year 9



Digital Information Technology is an exciting and challenging course that introduced students to the digital industry sector.  By studying this course students gain important knowledge, understanding and skill that form the foundations for working in this area.  This course delivers skills that are used by any professional on a day to day basis such as project planning and creating user interfaces and keeping data secure.  Virtual workplaces, cyber security and legal and ethical issues are explored with opportunities to apply these in a realistic scenario.

Testimonials from year 10 student studying BTEC DIT at level 2 –

I really like working on the computers, I enjoy the designing part of the coursework and learning how it link to employment.” Jessica, Year 10

“Progress in this world involves using computers. This is what interests me and what I like learning about the most.”  Ethan, Year 10



At KS5 the syllabus is taught through the use of real-world scenarios to produce evidence to meet the course requirements.  Student will undertake a range of coursework activities, gaining necessary skills and knowledge to ensure success. 

Testimonials from year 13 student studying BTEC  Level 3 –

“Useful for the future as I have learned a lot about IT systems and how they operate in in a business context.” Bradley, Year 13

“The mix of coursework and exams makes this course more balanced, it is broken down for us and this makes it easy for me to study independently.” Marshall Year 13

“I feel like this course was very helpful, I particularly enjoyed learning spreadsheet skills because I believe this equip me in my future career.” Izzy year 13

“Studying the IT BTEC qualification has given me the confidence to further my studies in this filed and explore a possible career in IT.” Jack Year 13



KS3 - Homework is set every two weeks. Activities will relate to the topic being covered in class.

Term 1

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
2nd September 2019 Handout:     Computing Poster Handout:     Computing Poster Handout:     Computing Poster
9th September 2019 Hand in homework Hand in homework Hand in homework
16th September 2019 Hand out:     Design a game over backdrop for the treasure hunt game Hand out:     Describe the internal components of a desk top computer Hand out:     Create a fact file explaining the terms bandwidth and latency
23rd September 2019 Hand in homework Hand in homework Hand in homework
30th September 2019 Hand out:   Investigate the job opportunities in the computing  gaming industry Hand out:   Investigate the job opportunities relating to working with computer hardware. Hand out:   Investigate the job opportunities relating to coding and computer programming.
7th October 2019 Hand in homework Hand in homework Hand in homework

KS4 - DIT is set weekly and tasks and activities will relate to topics being covered in class and coursework related tasks.

KS3 Computing

List of topics studied at KS3 Computing

  • Components of a computer system
  • Scratch coding project
  • Computational thinking
  • Graphics, operating systems and user interfaces
  • IT Systems and security concerns


KS4 - Level 2 Digital Information Technology subject information

There isn’t any area of an individual’s life that isn’t dependent on computers!  Studying digital information technology will develop problem-solving abilities, clarity of communication and creativity.

ICT is a challenge, this subject is about formulating, tackling and solving problems in a particular way.  This subject will allow learners to acquire knowledge and technical skills through a vocational context. Miss Denton, Lead Learner.

Digital Information Technology - Subject Information

Computing / ICT Curriculum Map



Level 3 Subject Information

Sixth form course information can be found in the sixth form courses page.

Computing / ICT Curriculum Map

Job Opportunities


BTEC Digital Information Technology Revision help can be found HERE