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Drama benefits all pupils’ self-esteem, confidence and communication skills, pupils are actively engaged in developing the kinds of life skills that will enable them to become confident, expressive and creative citizens. You will learn how drama is created, including all the acting and staging skills that are needed to put a piece of drama on to the stage.  You will learn how to create a character and play this character in a performance.  Practical work is key to all assessment tasks. You will also be required to perform in a play or contribute a form of design to a production such as costume, lighting or sound.  You will perform the play with a visiting examiner in the audience.  

Miss Goodall, Director of Creative Studies.


  • 2 coursework assignments (60%) 
  • 1 exam (40%)


  • Actors
  • Design Technicians
  • Theatre (front of house)
  • Teacher
  • All careers requiring good communication skills


There are three components, each component requires practical exploration which is supported by written work. There is an externally assessed practical exam as well as a one and a half hour written exam.

Component 1: Devising Coursework 40% (60 marks)

  • Create and develop a devised piece from a stimulus
  • Performance of this devised piece for and audience.
  • Analyse and evaluate the devising process and performance.

Assessment overview

  • Internally assessed and externally moderated. There are two parts to the assessment:
  1. a portfolio covering the creating and developing process and analysis and evaluation of this process (45 marks). The portfolio submission recommendations are: can be handwritten/typed evidence between 1500–2000 words
  2. a devised performance (15 marks).

Component 2: Performance from Text Coursework 20% (48 marks)

  • Students will either perform in and/or design for two key extracts from a performance text.

Assessment overview

  • Externally assessed by visiting examiner.
  • Group and or solo.

Component 3: Theatre Makers in Practice)

Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes 40% (60 marks)

  • Practical exploration and study of one complete performance text.
  • Live theatre evaluation – free choice of production.

Assessment overview

Section A: Bringing Texts to Life 45 marks

  • One question broken into six parts (short and extended responses) based on an unseen extract from the chosen performance text.
  • Performance texts are not allowed in the examination as the extracts will be provided.

Section B: Live Theatre Evaluation 15 marks

  • Two questions requiring students to analyse and evaluate a live theatre performance they have seen.
  • Students are allowed to bring in theatre evaluation notes of up to a maximum of 500 words.


All assessed work is graded from 9 to 1.