A message for Year 11's from Mr Mirams


I am writing to you all on the week that you would have officially been going on study leave and would have been in the midst of your examination period.  This year will be one that will be remembered for years to come and you will be the year group that will look back and say you lived and breathed the extraordinary turn of events.  In simple terms you are the exceptions to the rule.

Even without the onset of the last few weeks you would have already gone down as a year group with plenty of characters and a number of anomalies.  It goes without saying that you are a year group that will remain in our minds for a very long time.  You are an exceptional group of young people with a great array of talents, who with the right aptitude and application have the ability to go forward and achieve great things.

You will now be heading off in various directions to continue with your studies and we are lucky to have some of you remaining with us.  However, change is a part of life and wherever you are going I hope that in some way St. George`s has provided you with the determination and confidence to realise that you can achieve much in the future.  Whatever the outcomes in August we feel privileged to have known you, lucky to have played a small part in your lives and are proud of your achievements whatever the future has in store for you.

You have had to endure more anxiety and worry than most other Year 11 cohorts in history and the uncertainty that the current situation has brought will weigh heavily on some of you.  The one positive is that you have a committed group of staff who are fighting your corner in regard to examination results and I can assure you that no one is more on this than them.

So as we come to the end of your official time with us I wish to thank you for having an impact on all of us, for being prepared to embrace our school and all its ways, for being willing to put up with all our moans and for accommodating all our different styles of classroom teaching.  I hope that most of you will be leaving us with happy memories, with stories that will last a lifetime and with the normal mix of staff impressions and mimics. 

In time your school lives will be but a distant memory and you will like most of us think back at times to the memories you have.  In a nutshell your time with us will reflect many experiences that you will have throughout your lives with a mixture of happiness, sorrow, friendships, disagreements and challenges.   But ultimately we shared much of your growing up through your teenage years and for this we feel very privileged to have been a part. 

Ultimately, life is about relationships and the staff and I are richer for the memories we share with you.  Your parents have produced an extraordinary bunch of young people who with time deserve to succeed in all aspects of life.  As your Headteacher it has been an honour to have been a part of your development into well rounded, appreciative and highly talented individuals.  All I would ask is that you use these God given talents to make a difference to others because so many of you have changed all of us for the better over the last five years. 

In all aspects you have made me extremely proud and I will miss each and every one of you.

God Bless You.

Mr Mirams