Updated letter 26th August

26th August 2020

Dear Parents,

I am writing on the eve of a return to school for many of our pupils over the next week and you will be aware that there continues to be both Government announcements, changes in various areas and varying discussions on a number of issues. I hope that this final letter (you never know) before the start of term clarifies completely the school’s position in regard to rumours and Government announcements.


You will be aware that the Government has continued to suggest that if pupils do not come into school, schools should follow normal attendance procedures in various ways. A number of you have contacted us in regard to fining parents who do not send children into school due to concerns over the safety of their children. As Headteacher of the school I am going to continue to follow the policy that I outlined back in early March when I stated that the school would not be fining families who did not send children into school. However, we will be working with such families individually to reduce anxieties and to encourage you to send your children back over the coming weeks.


There continues to be delays and changes to BTEC examination results at both Level 2 and Level 3. We are currently working through these and hopefully will be in a position to provide results to many pupils over the next week, either collected in school, if they remain with us, or by organising collection times for those in last year’s Year 11 and 13 who have already left us. I can assure you that our examinations team are working overtime to ensure that we get these results to you as quickly as possible and we remain confident that in all cases results will be very positive for pupils.


I would like to reiterate again that there is an expectation that uniform will be worn by all pupils and there will be no special arrangements made for anybody at either school and I would like to again make it clear that all secondary pupils should be properly equipped for each day, prior to the start of lessons. Our expectations are absolutely clear and I would ask that people do not continue to ask for special arrangements in any way because we are attempting to return a large number of pupils at all different times in the most effective way we can. I would once again ask that you are all very clear on the start and end times of your child at both schools. There will not be any entry other than these times for these year groups.


Many of you will be aware of Government announcements over the last 24 hours and I would like to make it clear that at present the school is leaving the wearing of face coverings to the discretion of each member of staff and each pupil, but we are now advising following World Health Organisation announcements that pupils should wear face coverings at secondary during change of lessons and in communal areas at lunchtime when not eating food. At present this is advice and is not compulsory. Hopefully this will accommodate all including those with health conditions. This will continue to change I am sure.


It should come as no surprise that Central Government advice is once again changing on a daily basis with the emphasis being placed on individual schools to make decisions. This will create significant inconsistencies across schools in one area but as your Headteacher I will attempt to try and clarify as much as possible on a regular basis what I can. As I stated very early on this is not going to be easy and I accept that this will not be agreeable to everybody. All we can do is continue to do our best to meet the needs of all in our school community at what continue to be extremely difficult times.

God Bless You All

Adam Mirams