Letter from Mr Mirams to Year 11 Pupils

Open letter to Year 11 pupils:


Dear All,


I wanted to write on behalf of the school to all the Year 11 pupils after the Prom last night.  You are truly an inspirational group of people who have grown into young adults who will go out into the world and achieve great things.  Tonight marked the end of your time with us and marked the largest number of Year 11s and staff at a Prom we have ever had.  This is indicative of the strong relationships that you have with many of the staff and the dedication that you have shown together.


Your attitude, maturity and zest for life is infectious and set the bar high for future generations of year 11s.  It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to spend time with so many of you last night, to share stories, compare dance moves, disagree over football and take fashion tips! 


I would like to take this moment to tell you how proud I am of all of you, how grateful I am of your support over the last couple of years and what a privilege it has been to be your Headteacher in the final year of your studies.  I hope that in some way the school and staff have played a part in providing you with the opportunity to make a difference to others, inspire and achieve in the future.


To all the parents - you should be very proud of your children, you have raised some amazing human beings and the school is a better place for our relationship with you.


God Bless You All,