Email Communication

We are aware not all parents are receiving email communication from the school, even though you have provided us with your correct email address.  We have contacted our communication system provider in regard to this and they have given us the following information.  We realise this will be an issue to some parents and if you feel your email address is one they refer to, that where possible, you provide us with an alternative email address.  We hope this situation is resolved in the very near future.

This is an issue that we have been putting in a lot of work in with both Yahoo (who also provide emails) and BT to resolve. It is only these two providers that have taken steps to amend their practices towards the emails we send. We are now satisfied that this issue has largely been resolved as we have been receiving timely delivery reports from them for our most recent emails. There have been occasional delays to some emails to those addresses as BT and Yahoo are still “filtering” a certain number of our emails. The number of delayed messages is also reducing as we have had further discussions with the providers. We do not anticipate that schools need to take any further remedial action other than asking parents to “whitelist” our email address (* and move any emails found in spam/junk into their inboxes if this does happen.