Christmas Message from Mr Mirams

Christmas message from Mr Mirams


There are so many different ways to view this time of year dependent on personal circumstances or events of the previous twelve months.  St George’s now has the highest number of pupils it has ever had at both the Primary and the Secondary, we are oversubscribed in almost every year group and applications come weekly for places.  This means that we deal with all manner of issues, problems and individual needs across our community from the celebration of individual success to the difficulties of family loss.  This Christmas will be difficult for some of you and a welcome family reunion for others but whatever your current situation it has been warming to hear that some of our events in the last month have brought enjoyment to those that need it most.

Despite the significant pressures of modern life, it is clear that some things remain unchanged and that by pulling together much can be achieved.  The last four weeks have seen the largest event in the school’s history with the ever growing success of the Carol Service.  How heart-warming was it to receive so many comments from parents, grandparents, local clergy and staff about how enjoyable and amazing it was.  Add to this the five nativity performances, Primary Christmas Fair, the visits to local churches and residential homes, the Primary Christmas CD, as well as the reverse advent collections for those less fortunate than ourselves.  On top of this, the “Twelve Days of Christmas” are still sung by the whole School as enthusiastically as they always have been and now at Primary as well. 

There will always be some who still wish to criticise many things about our society, our school and the young of today, but I strongly believe that at St. George’s there is a real belief in working together to achieve great things. It is a place for those who are committed to the children, who put others before self and who are prepared to go that extra mile.  We make no excuses for our high expectations, which require a huge commitment from the staff and any one linked to the school.  You do need passion, enthusiasm, a sense of humour and endurance to work with me!

So, as we approach the last days of term, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support, for the trust you show in us as a school, for keeping us on our toes, for being so positive in so many ways and for providing us with children that amaze us daily and make us truly proud to be part of their education.

So, whatever situation you find yourself in this Christmas I hope that in some way we have provided some Hope, Friendship, Compassion, Wisdom and Forgiveness through what we do.  It is truly a humbling experience working with such a large group of people and on behalf of the school I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Christmas.

God Bless You All,

Mr Mirams.