Mr John Horn


I am not sure if it is possible to do justice to the achievements of an individual in one piece of writing, but I feel compelled to celebrate the significant contribution that John Horn has made to St George`s over the last half century.  Even the mention of the time factor leaves me in awe at the huge commitment that one person has shown to our well established institution.   I had, what for me, was an emotional conversation with John earlier this week when I accepted his wish to step down as a member of the Governing Board.  I would not admit such emotion to the Geordie man himself for fear of one of his “man up” discussions.

John has decided that the time is right to end his “official” connection with the school after 33 years as a member of staff and qa further 15 years as a Governor.  I take great pride in the fact that his decision is based on his view that the school is now in very safe hands!  I have been humbled by the man for a quarter of a century, and have welcomed on more than one occasion his advice and guidance.  For John Horn is a person of great integrity, honesty and has always put the best interests of the school before himself. 

John is someone who I have always looked up to, respected and listened to.  We have shared some common traits which include the importance of family, our love of rugby, our addiction to physical activity and the enjoyment of winding up Keith Rumblo. 

If you come across any ex pupil of the school John`s name is the first one to be mentioned because he was highly respected, feared and loved all in one sentence.  For John was revered as the first true Sherlock Holmes of the modern teaching era.  He could catch any pupil for any misdemeanour without the support of modern CCTV cameras through interrogation techniques that left many a child owning up within minutes.  He was relentless, determined but always fair.

He was a talented teacher, a highly respected leader and someone who staff would go to for all manner of support.  He was for many staff and children a pillar of our community, a foundation stone and a consistent support.  John is one of those people that you would want by your side in times of difficulty because he would not waiver.  His advice was always measured and he always considered the most professional way to deal with all situations, however difficult.

As a sportsman he was and remains highly competitive, hardened by the “many North- East winters of his youth!”  He wore his shorts in all conditions and was passionate about instilling the importance of sport in all he taught.  In many people`s eyes he was and is a living legend.

So on behalf of the school, the staff (old and new), the parents, the Governors, the thousands of children and anyone who has been influenced by the GREAT MAN I would like to thank John for making a difference, for changing people`s lives, for caring, for inspiring and for just being there for all at the school for close on fifty years.

As the current Headteacher I would just like to say thank you for setting the standard that every day the staff and I try to reach.  You have been one of the greatest influences on my career and I would like to wish both Jen and Yourself all the best for the future.