Clubs, Sport and School Trips

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on 'normal' school will be large and one effect may be on how the school day is structured and what can activities can be safely offered.


See below for our school clubs from September 2019 to March 2020. Trips are shown on the school calendar.

Sports Results are posted on the school Twitter @STGSBroadstairs and our school PE Twitter account @SGSPE2 , as well as our school Facebook page

Results for our Football and Futsal teams can be found at


Please note that there are occasions when clubs cannot run due to staff absence or events occurring at school. Please listen for any changes on the tannoy, or check Facebook.

If your child goes to a club that involves a payment, please check the Parent Pay page here 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


Year 7-9 Basketball (Girls and Boys) from February - Mr Bean

Year 7 and 8 Cookery club in Room 133 - Miss Bonny and Mrs Hutchinson (2.30 - 3.30) Limited space

3.15 - 4.45 Years 7 - 10 Girls' Rugby in the Sports hall - Mrs Valentine

Before School 8.10 – 8.55 

School Band - Mr Ashington

After-school - 2.30-3.30

Drama Club - Drama Studio, Mrs Elsley

Rock Band, Mr Ashington

Year 9, 10 and 11 Chemistry Revision Room 102 - Mrs Lee

GCSE French Intervention (years 10 and 11) Room 005 - Mrs Vernieuwe

Year 11 Maths Drop in Sessions  Room 126

Years 7 to 9 Yoga Club Small Gym - Mrs Best, (please get a letter)

After-school - 2.30-3.30

Dragons’ Singing Ensemble (Secondary, all years) - Room 142 Miss Hayter

Art Club Room 155 - Mrs Jordan

STEM Club Room 115 - Mr MacGowan / Mr Gotora / Mrs Dawson

Open Revision Art – Year 10 and 11 Art Area, alternating staff.

3.45-4.45 All Years Rugby Hub - Mr Cox

Girls’ Netball (Secondary, all years) Mrs Valentine

After-school - 2.30-3.30

Origami Club Room 130 - Miss Green

Performers’ Club (Secondary, all years) Room 142 - Miss Hayter

Year 11 Art Revision by Invitation

Mathletes (by invitation only) Room 123, Miss Johnson

Year 10 &11 Girls’ Basketball (2.45-3.30) Sports Hall - Miss Tanti


Secondary Breakfast Club is from 8 until 8.45am.   

Secondary Homework Club runs every day from 2.30 until 3.30pm, in room 006. Mrs Hollands in charge.

Library opening times will be Monday to Friday: 8.30 -8.45am, Lunchtimes and 2.30-3.00pm

Clubs may not run if a staff member is absent – please listen out to the tannoy for any changes, or look for posts on the school Facebook page.

  Activity Year Venue Staff



All years (boys & girls)

Years 1 to 5

School Field



Dom Simpson


Baby Dragons (Choir)


All years (boys & girls)

Years 1 to 5

Westgate Class


Ms Hayter

Mrs Wright


Allstarz (Netz-ball skills)

Tag Rugby

Brain Gym

All Years

3, 4 and 5

2, 3, 4 and 5

Hall/ MUGA

Field/ Tennis Courts


Allstarz Company

Mr Brett

Mrs Finch





3,4 and 5

R,1,2,3,4 and 5

All Years




Mrs Wright

Mrs Finch

Kirsty Dorman(Allstarz)

Friday Multi sports All Years Hall/Field TSC