Express Yourself Afternoon - Wednesday 10th February 2021

 All pupils will be invited to complete challenges, which are set out in the table below. In addition, to support both you and your child, there are links provided to some useful videos or resources on mental wellbeing. You may wish to review these resources prior to sharing them with your child, but they are all appropriate for your child’s age

KS3 Letter to Parents

KS4 Letter to Parents 

Sixth Form Letter to Parents 

Key Stage

Links and resources


Key Stage 3


Some additional websites for support with mental wellbeing:

Challenge 1: Pick a quotation that means something to you.

Put your quotation in the middle of a large piece of paper. Use art and craft materials to express yourself creatively around the text. You might want to use some of the following questions as prompts:

  • How does this quote make you feel?
  • What does it make you think of?
  • What colours or shapes reflect how you feel when you read this quote?

Challenge 2: Make an ‘inside-out’ box and send in a picture.

Follow these simple instructions:

  • decorate a box with images and words on the outside to represent the qualities you show to the world
  • decorate the inside of the box with images and words that represent the inner qualities, interests and passions that are hidden to most people
  • Write a summary of your box and what stops us sharing all of ourselves with others

Key Stage 4

Premiership football stars and Prince William discuss the importance of looking after your mental health: 

(Please note: the conversation touches on some serious issues including suicide)

Celebrities on be rich but not happy and giving advice. Have a watch and see what you think?

Some additional websites for support with mental wellbeing:

Challenge 1: Create a poster with ideas/advice of different ways to de-stress and look after your mental health.

Challenge 2: Make a short video or photo montage about yourself. This could include your current likes and dislikes, strengths, interests, dreams and passions.

ALSO (for fun): Watch the following videos as inspiration for how dancing can be used as a way to de-stress, join together and express your identity:

Make up a fun dance! Remember the focus is on having fun and expressing yourself — not on being the world’s best dancer!

Sixth Form

National Apprentice week resources and wellbeing activity.

Year 12

  • Careers  - Narrated powerpoint from Chris Targett
  • Wellbeing – Managing stress and anxiety

Year 13

  • Careers – Apprenticeships information and myth-busting
  • Wellbeing – Coping with change

Sixth Form Resources

This afternoon we would like you to log in and set up your accounts on Unifrog. Don’t be put off by the name, this is a platform which has information about ALL of the different careers and options available to you, including apprenticeships and even international opportunities. You will find a welcome email which contains a link to set up your password in your school email account (remember you can access this through the sharepoint tab on the school website and use your TEAMS details to log in). On your homepage you will find instructions to guide you through the activities. If you have any problems getting into Unifrog, please email Mrs Howard

Year 12

You will be starting off with a presentation from Chris Targett talking about all the different post-18 options for you to consider. Then we have an activity to help you manage stress and anxiety – for this you need some chocolate handy!

Year 13

You will be starting off with some activities to help you find out a bit more about apprenticeships, as this week is National Apprenticeship Week. Then we have an activity to help you to cope with change and prepare for your next steps.