Examination Information (Absent, Results, Certificates)

Absent from Exams

Pupils are required to attend all of their examinations and ensure that they arrive on time. If there is any reason why they are unable to attend the examination please contact the school immediately. If a pupil fails to attend an examination for no reason then you will be charged the entry fee of that examination. This includes family holidays, weddings or personal arrangements i.e. medical appointments. However, if they are missed due to being unwell, a doctor’s note is required by the Exam Boards. The Exam Boards may accept other serious exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the candidate, provided evidence is given.

contingency day

The last exam is dated 14th June, though all pupils must be available on 26th June which is a contingency date set aside by the Exam Board.

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) have announced a contingency day for the summer exams series 2019. The date that has been set aside as the ‘contingency day’ is WEDNESDAY 26TH JUNE 2019.

The contingency day for ALL external examinations has been put in place “in the event of widespread, sustained national or local disruption to examination during the June 2019 examination series”.

Therefore, in the event of a major disruption, JCQ and/or the relevant Awarding Bodies may decide to postpone an exam to another date in the June 2019 exam series. This means that any students sitting external examinations in June 2019 must be available until Wednesday 26th June to sit any exams that had to be postponed.

Future dates

Contingency Day - 24th June 2020


Results Dates 2018-2019

November 2018 (GCSE Maths and English) 17th January 2019
January 2019 (BTEC) 13th March 2019
February 2019 (BTEC) 3rd April 2019
Summer (BTEC Level 3) 15th August 2019
Summer (GCSE / BTEC Level 2) 22nd August 2019


If students are unable to collect their results on results day and would prefer to have their results emailed they need to collect a form from the Examinations Office.

Alternatively, the student can arrange for a representative to collect their results for them. Students must inform the Examinations Office prior to results day.  The representative must have photographic ID.

Candidate Results Form or a copy of the form can be collected from the Examinations Office.



We are having a certificate collection day in December from 10am to 6pm for students who left Year 13 and Year 11 this summer.

If you wish to arrange collection of your certificates please contact the school to arrange a suitable date and time.

The school does not post certificates.