Year 7 Catch Up

Year 7 Catch Up Intervention Report: 2018/2019

Funding Allocation

We received £22,704 for Catch up Funding in 2018/19. This allocation was used to supply the intervention groups with resources to support their learning as well as the cost of printing KS2 SATs papers. A breakdown of total spend can be seen below.

Correspondence to Parents


Part Funding Staff Salary




Printing of Exam Papers






Small Group Work






Reports for both Numeracy and Literacy can be found on the links below. These reports include the Intent, Implementation and Impact of the Numeracy and Literacy programmes. Also covered within the reports are Intervention Strategy, Assessment Strategy and Desired Outcomes for the end of the Intervention Programmes.


The following number of pupils were included in the interventions as well as the number of pupils making the expected standard, Scaled Score of 100, by the end of the year:


Achieved Expected Standard by the End of the Year


34 out of 67


41 out of 76






Both reports include a detailed impact analysis including progress made by pupils who did not make the expected standard by the end of the year. It was once again evident this year that a number of pupils joined St Georges Church of England Foundation School considerably below the expected standard in Reading and Numeracy. It is pleasing that these pupils have made steady progress throughout Year 7 and they will continue to receive support into Year 8.



Early indication would suggest that the numbers on the intervention programme this year will be:

Reading- 78 and Numeracy- 64

This however is subject to change to due to pupils joining us late and also missing KS2 data.


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Reading 2018 19 09th Sep 2019 Download
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