A History of St George’s Church of England School

The original St George's "National School" opened in Ramsgate in 1841. The school was founded to “increase the means of providing a moral and religious education according to the tenets of the established Church in England for the children of both sexes of the poor of the parishes of Ramsgate and St. Laurence and to engraft therein a suitable course of instruction to their station in life”. Initially teaching was provided in separate classes for approximately 130 boys and 150 girls of primary and secondary ages, plus 150 infants.


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In September 1967, St George's Girls C of E School moved from Ramsgate to new buildings in Westwood Road, Broadstairs. The St George's Boys C of E School  moved to the site in 1973, after the construction of more facilities. By 1975 it was officially a mixed School called St George's Church of England School. It was at the start of the 1975/76 year that the names of the Houses were changed.  The original 4 Houses at the Girls' School had been St Monica (which became Winchester  - Green), St Dorothea (which became York - Yellow), St Catherine (Canterbury - Blue) and St Theresa (Rochester - Red). The Boys' Houses had previously been Bartram (Green), Hertslet (Blue), Crawfurd (Red) and White-Thomson (Yellow).

Two years later Exeter (Orange) and Salisbury (Purple) were added. (See Inter-House page)



These buildings stood until early 2010 when they were knocked down and a new school building was built next to the site. The School was officially opened on Wednesday 29 September 2010 by The Right Reverend Trevor Willmott, Bishop of Dover. Staff and students had been using the building since the week of St George's Day, April 2010. September 2016 saw the opening of our new 'Primary Phase' as the school expanded to a 4 to 19 age range.

We have an Old Boys and an Old Girls Association that many former pupils belong to.  The Old Boys Association Facebook Page is : 

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Headteachers -

2017 - present   Mr A Mirams

2009 - 2017       Mrs K Stoner

1997 - 2009       Mr K Rumblo

1988 - 1997       Mr A J Fletcher

         - 1988       Mr N Morland


If you have any details on previous headteachers and dates please contact the Facebook Group.