Primary FAQs

Please see below for important documents, including our curriculum newsletters. We have also included some Frequently Asked Questions that you may have.

For new pupils, parents might find this a useful link:

How many children are in the classes?

There will be a maximum of 30 children in each class.

How many adults will be in a class?

Each class will have a teacher and a member of support staff.

Will there be a daily act of worship?

Yes, the Christian ethos of the school will be a very strong element in all areas and children will take part in daily worship and reflection. We will have a school prayer and very clear core values based on our Christian beliefs.

Will my child get a free school meal?

All pupils in Year R, 1 & 2 will be provided with a cooked school meal as part of their day. All meals will be prepared on site in the school kitchen.

Will the children be supervised at all times?

Yes. In addition to teaching staff there will be support staff and lunchtime staff and all adults in school will take a role in ensuring pupils are always supervised during the day. We also have our Primary Wellbeing Co-ordinator who is available all day supporting students.

Will the children be part-time at the start of the year?

Our Reception students will do 10 mornings and then start school full-time. Some schools prefer to delay this for the first term but we see many benefits of having the children full time as soon as possible. In some cases there may be individuals who are not ready to start full-time and this would be discussed with their parents.

Do you use a particular reading scheme?

We will be using the Project X reading scheme for daily guided reading sessions. For our home reading books, we will use reading schemes but there will be a range of schemes to incorporate phonics, fiction and non-fiction. It is essential that children are offered a range of books to read to broaden their skills and understanding. Children will be encouraged to choose books frequently to read at home. All classrooms will also have book corners stocked with a range of texts for children to enjoy.

Will you use a particular phonics scheme?

Yes – it is essential that a structured systematic scheme is used to teach phonics. We will use Letters and Sounds. They have a very good website if you want to find out more information:

Will my Year R child go on any trips out of school?

Very probably – school trips are designed to support and enhance the learning taking place in school. If the children go on a trip a full risk assessment will take place first and additional adults will be asked to go on the trip to ensure high adult to pupil ratios.

What school equipment will I need to provide?

A full, smart uniform including a school book bag and PE kit. You will not need to provide any equipment in terms of pens, pencils etc. All equipment needed for learning will be provided by the school.

Will my child be in contact with the secondary age children?

Yes, this is one school and we will be promoting collaborative opportunities between the older and younger students in their learning. It is a fantastic opportunity for our youngest children to have so many excellent older role models to be involved in their learning and we will be actively looking for ways for all pupils to be involved in ‘whole school’ life together. 

Will my child get homework?

Yes, although we would refer to it as home learning and it will be underpinned by parents being fully involved – the most important element of home learning in the early years is that parents are giving their children the message that they want them to do well at school, that they are really proud of the work they do and that they think school and learning is really important. If children are not bothered about continuing their learning at home at this age, they will not be doing their homework independently when they are 13!! Home learning will consist of reading books, phonics and a weekly shared task designed to promote breadth of experiences and language development incorporating all aspects of the curriculum.


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