Letter from Mr Mirams - 14th May 2020

Dear Parents

I am writing to update you all on the rapidly changing situation in regard to the reopening of schools over the coming weeks and to clarify a few points that may be raising questions for you all.  There have been many of you in touch concerned over a wholescale return and the safety of your children at this time.  The anxiety has been increased as there has been much coverage in the media this week and the subject has been discussed at length from all angles to the point where is has become pretty unclear of what is expected.  As always I am going to provide clarity for all of you and hopefully you will at least have some idea for the next 3-4 weeks.  I do not expect everyone to agree with our decisions but we make them for the safety and wellbeing of all concerned. 

The Government message at present is changing daily and I have decided that as Headteacher of the school I will be making decisions in regard to any changes to the current arrangements.  There will be absolutely no change until the 1st June or later and even then we will only be taking in children in Reception Classes in the first instance across the school.   When we do start returning in this phased way I think there needs to absolute clarity on what we can provide up until the summer and the issues around this so that you are clear.  It is an almost impossible task to initiate whole scale returns and most of what we could offer will be limited due to staffing, safety and logistics.


  • There will be no rapid move to meet all the Government targets for return over the coming weeks and decisions will be based on our individual situation.
  • We will only be starting with Year R at a time when I feel it is right to do so.
  • It will be impossible to social distance Year R and the day will be clearly staggered and shorter.
  • Arrival and departure from the site will be staggered with a shorter school day.
  • There will be no more than 10 per class and we only have two Year R classrooms.
  • Children will be expected to wear school uniform and bring a packed lunch.
  • All break times will be staggered but social distancing will not be possible with 4-5 year olds.
  • We will have to review Key Worker and vulnerable children provision once our capacity increases as it is unlikely that we can accommodate large numbers.
  • We will wait to see if we can safely provide provision for Year R before increasing to other years.
  • One to one support will not be possible and specialist staff will be limited.
  • In regard to Secondary we will be looking at Year 10 plans for the coming term but it is unlikely that we will have them in at present.


I would therefore ask that if you are a parent of a Year R child and feel that you want them to return to school by the end of Term 6 that you email the following address by Tuesday 19th May so that we can start planning for numbers.  Please email 


I would like to reiterate again our communication lines if you need any support and these will continue to be monitored on a daily basis.  Please make sure that you make full use of these where needed as we are here to support you all.

All our current services will continue throughout.


Once again as we complete another week I wish each and every one of you all the best over the weekend.  My message to all of you remains absolutely clear and that is to stay well and keep up the great work that you are all doing at home.  The current situation is causing all of us much anxiety and I can assure you that the school staff are working extremely hard to ensure that we are providing the support we can in all areas.  All of us are working to ensure that we can get as many children back to school at the moment but there are many pressures from all angles and I will continue to try to steer the school towards a place that ensures a safe and healthy environment for all.  As you can imagine this is proving to be a difficult task. 

I would also like to reiterate that the decision over your child returning at any time is yours and all we can do is to try and facilitate a measured and timely return.

I am very passionate about all in our school and the decisions that I make are not done lightly.  I hope that many of you continue to feel supported during what are very difficult times for all.  We must just work together to do the best we can and continue to fly the flag of St George`s to provide hope and support for all.

God Bless Our School.