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Dear Parents and Pupils 
REF:   ACADEMIC YEAR 2018/2019 
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all back to school after the summer break.  It has been a wonderful summer weather wise and we have finished the old school year with some very solid results at Primary, GCSE and Post 16.  It is always a pleasure to see so many pupils in the older years progressing academically and for the school to have taken such an active part in this process.  All involved should be very proud of what the individual pupils have achieved. 
However, like everything in life, we move on and we start again with new challenges at the start of another school year.  Welcome to all the new pupils that are joining us in Reception and Year 7 and I hope that your time with us will be enjoyable and successful in all aspects.  As always we are here to ensure that we get the best out of all our pupils despite the continued challenges of reduced budgets and resources.  The school continues to grow with another 60 children at Primary and increasing numbers in our Sixth Form but our ethos remains the same and we will continue to forge strong relationships with parents and pupils alike. 
Please take the opportunity to read through all the information that has been posted on the school website or emailed to you as it is imperative that all pupils adhere to the uniform rules, equipment requirements and PE expectations at both schools.  We make no excuses for being clear on expectations and sanctions if these are no adhered to. So, here we go again with the onset of the school run, organisation of family life around school days, tired children, inconsistent teenagers, and decisions over “what`s for dinner?”  I wish you all luck whether a parent, child or member of staff.  Welcome to the Autumn Term. 
God Bless You All 


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