Citizen Cards

After running a very successful session for 6th formers in June. St Georges has been taken on by the Citizen Card scheme as an authorised school for students to receive their citizen cards free of charge. This is because Nurse Carol is now an accredited on-line verifier through being a CAP Ambassador. It’s normally £15 each time.

This would be very useful for any pupil aged 15 and over, although younger pupils are allowed to apply if they wish.

Everyone needs a way of proving who they are, whether it’s applying for jobs, opening a bank account or even giving blood. People lucky enough to look under 25 need to show their ID on nights out and when buying age restricted products like alcohol, cigarettes, razor blades and even energy drinks. In the last few months we’ve also heard we may need ID to vote or buy drain cleaner!

Many young people use their driving licence or passport to prove their age but 20% of people aged 16 or over don’t have these documents; leaving them left behind, overlooked and socially excluded. Furthermore, the DVLA and Passport Office recommend we leave our driving licences and passports safely at home. This isn’t surprising given that over a million people lose these valuable documents every year. Losing a passport or driving licence isn’t just inconvenient. For people who fall victim to identity theft, the consequences can be devastating. Young people, in particular, need an alternative, affordable way of proving their identity. In an increasingly digital world it also needs to be something they can also use to simply prove their details online and protect themselves from fraud by using it to check the details.