Exam Support

At St George’s we want to ensure that our pupils are supported and prepared for the emotional, physical and mental demands that exams will ask of them. Therefore we will be using tutor times as well as collective worship to remind them of having wisdom in the ways they prepare to perform in the exams.

Below you will find some resources, produced by PiXL, which are for parents and pupils. These include advice on how to prepare through exercise, diet and other aspects of their wellbeing. If there is support you feel you require on a specific topic, please get in touch and we can update the website or forward resources to support you.



Page Downloads Date  
Power to Perform recipe booklet 22nd Mar 2018 Download
Prepare to Perform Parent Booklet 22nd Mar 2018 Download
Prepare to Perform Pupil Booklet 22nd Mar 2018 Download