Welcome to the Primary area of the Website. Here you will find information about our Behaviour-Consequence System, after-school clubs and curriculum. Below, you will find details of the school Academic Overview which is a regular look at how a pupil is doing in terms of effort and levels in each subject.

Academic Overviews will be available on the following dates:

  Date Comments
AO 1 15th December 2021 All Year Groups
AO 2

30th March 2022


AO 3 20th July 2022 All Year Groups

You can see your child's Academic Overview by downloading the MyEd School App for android or iPhone. More information can be found here : Click Here


Timing of the Primary School Day

7.45AM TO 8.30AM Breakfast Club (to apply for a place at Breakfast Club please collect a form from the Main Office)
8.30AM Gate to the playground opens – students must not be left unsupervised.
8.30AM Doors to the school open for children to enter and staff members will be available to take messages.
8.40AM Doors to the school and gate to the playground will be closed. Students arriving after this time must enter through the main office and will be registered as ‘late’.
8.45AM TO 11.30AM

Morning learning session for Key Stage 1

8.50  Worship

9.20  Phonics groups 

10.30-10.45 KS1 Break


8.45AM TO 12.00PM

Morning learning sessions for Key Stage 2

8.50 Worship

9.20 Guided Reading

10.45-11.00 KS2 Break

11.30AM TO 12.30PM Lunchtime (Early Years and KS1)
12.00PM TO 1.00PM  Lunchtime (KS2)
12.30PM TO 3PM  Afternoon learning session to include guided reading and playtime session for KS1
3PM Home Time - Reception pupils finish at 2.45PM
3PM TO 4.30PM Extended Day (to apply for a place at Extended Day please speak to Mrs Edmonds or collect a form from the Main Office)


The Extended Day timetable can be found here


Page Downloads Date  
Primary Academic Overview and Assessment Guide - 2021 - 2022 17th Dec 2021 Download