Examination Information (Absent and Resit)

Absent from Exams

Pupils are required to attend all of their examinations and ensure that they arrive on time. If there is any reason why they are unable to attend the examination please contact the school immediately. If a pupil fails to attend an examination for no reason then you will be charged the entry fee of that examination. This includes family holidays, weddings or personal arrangements i.e. medical appointments. However, if they are missed due to being unwell, a doctor’s note is required by the Exam Boards. The Exam Boards may accept other serious exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the candidate, provided evidence is given.

Resit Information

Please contact Mrs Lewis, Exams Officer if you wish to resit any exams

Resitting GCSEs in Summer 2024

If you need any support or guidiance plase contact Mrs Lewis, Examinations Officer by email (

Information Evenings