School Meal Information

The Primary School has set meals each day, which are shown in the link below.  For Secondary pupils, there is a school cafe and canteen, selling both hot and cold food.  Click the link below for the items and their cost.  There is also a link to explain Free School Meals, which are available for all pupils in years R, 1 and 2.  Free school meals above this age need to be applied for.

Primary Menus

Secondary Menu

Secondary Canteen and Cafe


Bacon/Sausage in a roll 95p
Toast 30p
Pastry Sausage Roll 70p
Cereal 50p
Waffles 60p
Pancakes 30p
Croissant 80p
Pan-au-chocolate 85p
Breakfast item 40p



Sandwiches £1.00 - £1.50
Rolls £1.00 - £1.50
Pizzini £1.50
Potato dogs £1.00
Meal deal : hot dinner & pudding £2.29
Salads £1.90
Panini £1.70
Chips £1.00
Main meal £1.90
Jacket potato (various fillings)/sweet potato       £1.90
Half jacket with filling  80p
Pasta pot (various sauces)  £1.90
Small pasta pots (Cheese 30p extra) £1.00
Puddings (hot and cold) 50p - 80p
Drinks (Various) 30p - 90p
Various sweet treats  25p - 65p