Year 11 Careers : Post-16 Options

All of our Year 11 should have completed a Moving Forwards form which allows us to organise their Careers Interviews.  Information on this can be found in the Year 10 section on THIS page.

Our school library has a Careers section with books such as The Good University Guide, the Guide to Not Going to University, HEAP 2020 and many prospectuses. Pupils need to be able to write a Personal Statement and navigate through application sites such as Kent Choices.



 See also our section the 6th Form page for links about Apprenticeships and other pathways. We strongly recommend that pupils make use of their Unifrog accounts.


For Kent Choices, the website pupils should use is as follows:

How to write a Personal Statement for 6th Forms

Personal Statement Examples

If you need help with anything to do with Kent Choices, then email





Useful links

  • You all have a UNIFROG account - there is so much information in their library. Log in and have a look around!


  • Have a look at CareerPilot ( for career ideas related to subjects, job sectors and much more!




  • Prospects ( is a good site to search for job ideas related to degree subjects, labour market information and more.



  •  – for more information about T Levels and where you can study them



  • SACU (  has a free image-based quiz to help you start researching higher education, apprenticeships and careers. Click on students to find the test, an A level match tool and personal statement inspiration. 



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