Exam Results & Performance Indicators

We were very pleased with out results this year. Our progress data shows a P8 measure of -0.02.  This is different to the data that you will see in the 'Find school and college performance data in England' website, because our early entry results in English Literature and the Sciences were not included. 

This is because changes were made to the way school and college performance measures were calculated. Results achieved between January 2020 and August 2021 by pupils included in this year’s measures are not included in the calculations. 


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When forming a view of how well a school is doing, you should consider a range of different information sources, for example, discussing with the school or college directly, the school or college website, Ofsted reports, friends, and family.

Progress 8 score

This score shows how much progress pupils at this school made between the end of key stage 2 and the end of key stage 4, compared to pupils across England who got similar results at the end of key stage 2. This is based on results in up to 8 qualifications, which include English, maths, 3 English Baccalaureate qualifications including sciences, computer science, history, geography and languages, and 3 other additional approved qualifications.

Our Progress 8 Score for 2022 is -0.02

The local authority (Kent) average score for state-funded schools is -0.19

The average score for all state-funded schools in England is -0.03


Progress 8 is a vital measure for us as a school as the level of pupils entering our school is lower than other local schools meaning that fewer pupils are expected to achieve Grade 4s and above than nationally.

Our ambitious curriculum ensures that the majority of our pupils are entered for triple science regardless of prior attainment and that all pupils have access to the full EBacc should they choose to.

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