As we come towards the end of the current PSA and coursework window, I need your support in reminding pupils that work submitted must be their own.

We have had an increased number of pupils who are trying to submit work that is potentially copied from the internet, textbooks, or other resources, including other pupils work. The use of AI is also becoming a concern as pupils are using this technology to complete written tasks for them.

If staff members suspects that the work submitted is not the pupils, as it does not reflect their normal work, pupils will be challenged in regard to plagiarism.

Please remind pupils that plagiarism is classed by examination boards as malpractice, which can result in pupils receiving a 0 for that piece of work. This will have huge implications on the pupil’s overall grade. Examination boards are also able to disqualify pupils from the whole qualification, due to malpractice, following investigations.

Pupils can continue to reference other people work, in sections of their own, however, this must be referenced correctly.

Examination boards use several different pieces of software that are designed to identify plagiarism, therefore, it is important that pupils do not run the risk and must ensure the work submitted is their own.

If you have any questions/queries, please do not hesitate to contact the examinations officer by email -