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IT (Level 2 BTEC)

Subject Vision


A broad, stimulating and enjoyable curriculum, that engages, motivates and challenges all pupils, giving them the knowledge, skills and understanding to grow as individuals, preparing them for the next stage in their lives.

This is achieved in computing by

BroadStudents gain knowledge, skills and understanding through practical and theoretical lesson activities, coursework and exam techniques.

Stimulating – The DIT course provides an engaging and relevant platform to the world of IT and computing for those who have an interest in this subject and may be considering perusing a future career in this sector.

Students have the opportunity to develop and apply their newly acquired knowledge alongside, developing a range of invaluable practical IT skills such as interface design and development and spreadsheet modelling techniques.

EnjoyableWe believe it is important to deliver a curriculum that will interest and enthuse students; and to instill a positive learning experience that will enable them to become life-long learners. 

Engaging –. Research says that when students work together they retain information quicker and longer, they develop critical thinking skills and build better communication skills.  Completing paired and team lesson activities forms and essential part of the Computing curriculum.

Motivating Establishing high expectations and setting goals and being a role model is paramount within this subject.  Using ICT tools and technology students become more confident as skills and knowledge is gained, positive feedback and encouragement from teachers and peers alike create a learning environment that is both enjoyable and motivational.

ChallengingClassroom activities are created to challenge students, in order to enable them to become independent learners, effective decision makers and to build strong and resilient character traits that can be relied upon for future prosperity.



KS3 - Homework is set every two weeks. Activities will relate to the topic being covered in class.

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Week 1 Handout:     Computing Poster Handout:     Computing Poster Handout:     Computing Poster
Week 2 Hand in homework Hand in homework Hand in homework
week 3 Hand out:     Design a game over backdrop for the treasure hunt game Hand out:     Describe the internal components of a desk top computer Hand out:     Create a fact file explaining the terms bandwidth and latency
week 4 Hand in homework Hand in homework Hand in homework
Week 5 Hand out:   Investigate the job opportunities in the computing  gaming industry Hand out:   Investigate the job opportunities relating to working with computer hardware. Hand out:   Investigate the job opportunities relating to coding and computer programming.
Week 6  Hand in homework Hand in homework Hand in homework

KS4 - DIT is set weekly and tasks and activities will relate to topics being covered in class and coursework related tasks.


Check the Curriculum Year information for the homework timetable.

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Our Learning Journey

Learning journey computing

Revision - BTEC Level 2 Tech Award (KS4)


  • Paper examination for Level 2
  • Range of questions from multiple choice to extended written answers
  • Graded from U through to Distinction
Personal Learning Checklist Click Here
Example Exam Questions/Model Answers Exam Paper 
Revision Materials/Sharepoint

Revision Mat

(Pupils must log in with their username as their usual computer login followed by (e.g. and their usual password they use to log on to school laptops)


Job Opportunities / Careers